1. Lol. The charade continues. You can just admit there will be no school. This online stuff is a joke. Parents aren't teachers. It's just to make it look like you are doing something. Both governments have been anything
    but transparent and decisive.
    The curve has been flattened. Time to move on and get a plan about moving forward.
    Ontarians have been patient and for the most part staying home and social distancing.
    But without a further plan this will diminish. Time to get busy reopening business.
    Lots of testing in LTC Homes and Retirement Homes.
    Parents will not be teaching their kids all summer use your head.
    Another thing , there is no way lower grades are going to be able to go to school and self isolate.
    The Provincial Government is starting to look as ridiculous as the Federal Government.

  2. Right decision considering current situation!
    We must take advantage of technology, which we are doing by online schooling. Kids are adapting to online learning and exploring new things. Adaptability is the simple secret of survival. Opening schools soon is really risking lives. Our health system will collapse. We can't burden our doctors, nurses and front line workers, they are humans too.
    Things are difficult, but let's have patience, this too shall pass.

  3. Just CLOSE them until September already. EVEN if schools open, if I don't feel it's safe the kids aren't going. SORRY but I live w/my parents who are high-risk and if kids get sick from school it puts their lives at risk. The ONLY TIME I get sick is when kids bring home sickness from school. EVERY September after school has been back 2 weeks, I'm sick. And I really hope when they do open the school enforces a strict policy about NO SICK KIDS AT SCHOOL. No kids who been AROUND someone sick at school. Etc

  4. There are many of kids in Ontario who cannot afford technology for online learning. I personally think schools should open may 12. But nothing can be done. All shall pass!

  5. Everyone owes it to themselves to study how Taiwan has dealt with this. Very minor school disruption. Change of habits, adapting to a new normal, yes. Disruptive cancelling of school for months on end, no. Taiwan has the advantage of having started mitigation much earlier. Leave that aside, and simply look at how they responded. It's smart.

  6. This is a no-brainer. Unless you hate your kids, why would you send your kids back to school unless it was 100% safe to do so? Not 99% safe from COVID-19 but 100% safe.

  7. I understand there are some people who would love to get their kids out of their house but , does it make sense to even go back in general at least until September because of this if it does go away by then

  8. They should have just cancelled the school year. Lecce sucks. Is he still lazer focus on ruining the public education of Ontario. Go away Lecce. He sucks


    Dr. Lyons-Weiler, of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, showed and explained how the coronavirus’s genetic sequence-which has been publicly released by China- contains a unique “middle fragment” encoding a SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) spike protein that appears, according to his genomic analysis, to have been inserted into the 2019-nCoV virus using ” pShuttle ” technology. This technique can only be done in a lab, as it has never occurred naturally in nature

    Dr. Lyons-Weiler buttresses his point with the following facts:

    1)The sequence similarity of nCoV middle fragment to other coronavirus genome sequences is lower to its most similar sequences in any coronavirus than the rest of the genome;

    2)The high sequence similarity of the fragment to a SARS spike protein;

    3)The significant sequence similarity of the 2019-nCoV genome middle fragment to a pShuttle vector that was in use in the late 1980′s in China to create a more immunogenic coronavirus

    Other scientists have ruled out a natural recombination origin of 2019-nCoV but no one has provided any other explanation for the novel middle fragment.


  10. Well may sure that school re-open by September 2020, because this virtual learning is not working for kids. I have a teenage with depression already because this new way of learning is not working. It is not only hard for kids but to parents and teachers as well.

    And ministers of education don't understand what reality is. Wake up

  11. Expectations need to be adjusted:
    Keep in mind that even though virtual learning is an amazing alternative. There are families who doesn't own laptops and ipads because they can't afford it.

    Some of those who do have one at home, might not be proficient on using a computer.

    Some parents language is an issue, English might not be their first language.

    Moreover, expecting younger children (kindergarten-grade 4) to know how to type and construct words and sentences on keyboards is not appropriate expectation, they havent learned the skills yet for most of these kids.

    It is important to educate the families on how to educate their children at home and the children needs to be educated on how to use these technology especially for the first timers.
    Translators should also be part of your program for families who needs it.


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