1. Remember when they shut down all internet sites where sex workers could advertise? It wasn’t done during any of these shut downs anywhere. Essential service? Then you just go to the grocery store, wait in line, sort through some fresh food, use the touch pad to pay then go home? But you get a ticket for walking your dog? Because of the Flu? Not every country shut down. This is all about the communist globalist take over. Globalist funding for globalist agendas in place as government puppets enforce the agenda for cash. God bless and good luck

  2. To you IDIOTS out there, You know who you are! The ones who think theirs lives come before everyone else. The more you pull your selfish crap the longer WE ALL will be going through this. My 15 year old daughter has more maturity and humanity than all of you. We have been staying in our home. Going for food once a week. My daughter visits with friends via face chat. Do you think we want to suffer more? She asked me today if she could have a sleep over with a friend who has also not left the house. I said no hon.I am sorry. If we do not stick with this a bit longer then we will be going through this longer. And she did not get angry and start a protest. Do you think we like this life right now? You are putting your family and friends in danger. You are putting my family and friends in danger. GROW THE HELL UP!

  3. I swear I feel these interpreters are NOT SPELLING A DAMN THING… HE JUST LOOKS LIKE HE'S PLAYING 🤣😂🤣🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Why do all of them say, ‘…since the first time we had the first case…’? They should refer to it as, ‘since the first case we identified in Ontario…’ because there were plenty of cases walking around, coming back from travels spreading it all over the place before they identified the ‘first’ case. And to the imbeciles gathering and protesting & wanting things to ‘open up’, your reckless, selfish, nearsighted, immature behaviour is what’s going to make it take LONGER for us to have to endure this. Counter-productive people. And most definitely your actions will now cause more of the spread of the virus and even deaths. STAY HOME! Not one of us that has been born in this country within the last 50 years has ever been asked to sacrifice their personal freedoms on any scale whatsoever. Quit your whining, grow up, and stay the hell home!

  5. This patronizing Dr David Williams (he gave her the day off? Is she not the Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario?) Anyway, after recovering from nearly swallowing my partial dental plate from hearing his comment, I'm pretty sure I also heard him say that these facts/figures are based on IPHIS, the Integrated Public Health Information System.
    Toronto does not accept IPHIS. Probably, because like everything else associated with public health care in Ontario for the last two years, Premier Fraud has cut, slashed and burned the budget to IPHIS to the point that there have not been enough employees to adequately input and maintain the data to keep pace with the actual numbers of cases, deaths, outbreaks in LTCH and all other related facts and figures. So everything this patronizing Dr Williams is saying is not reliable, and we – you and me – the public, are not receiving factual information. I watch the non-IPHIS public briefing instead. It's also very important to remember that the federal stats are going to be outdated as well, so: not reliable because of IPHIS not being maintained by Premier Fraud.
    Oh, and Dr David Williams: this is not 1940. This is 2020, baby!


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