1. In Québec minister of health Arruda admitted 1000 people die by month with or without covid-19, all medias who confinate the narrative gone lose their credibility. On the Roosevelt carrier 88% of infected persons never developed symptoms. Covid-19 is not more dangerous than another coronavirus.

  2. The provinces have done all the heavy lifting and are making responsible plans to reopen. TRUDEAU has 2 feet on the brakes and trying to use a Federal run testing program that involves the World Health Organization. It's a scam.

  3. This is a effing cold with deaths as usual affecting eldery and compromised immune. Every year people die from a flu, yet the world is stopping production and the economy stops? The numbers are rigged for fear along the masses. This is the greatest con for the new world order and micro chip agenda. People are so willing to give it up and eager to receive the poison vaccine as tons which carry the virus. Stop watching main stream media, drink turmeric and ginger, use colloidal silver. Strengthen you immune system. Listen to virologists, biologists, Immuniologist and every single one will tell you this is ridiculous. It's a shame people are brainwashed and manipulated so easily they are willing to give up their livelihood.

  4. They put out the number of "Total Confirmed," why not put the number of total tested too? How about the estimation of people who have mild symptoms and never get tested, didn't even know it was this virus?


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