1. Echt schade was sie in Deutschland machen so ein sinnlos. Ich lebe in Peru in unserem Land wir wollen auch raus gehen aber die Gesundheit geht vor. Die Kinder die ältere Menschen. Und ein infizierten kann deutlich 10 andere Menschen auch anstecken, auch Patienten Senioren Kinder oder Erwachsene und jüngere Menschen. Was habt ihr im Kopf. Ihr habt zumindest Freiheit da draußen. Und alles was die Regierung an euch bietet ist Verständnis und Abstand und Gesichtsmaske nicht nur für sich als Sicherheit sonst um die andere zu respektieren und ihre Gesundheit. Das sind doch so blöde und sinnlose Meinungen. Hoffentlich geht es euch ewig gut noch! Bei uns in Peru wir müssen noch stärker mit viel zu viel weniger. Aber ich will meine Familie bei mir halten. Eine echte Schande für Deutschland und aus Berlin. LG für die gute Deutschen

  2. Same with US and Toronto protesters; people putting their own personal desires, calling it freedom and liberty, ahead of what’s best for the community. Purely selfish.

  3. 🤓 FUN FACT Multiple Prominent psychologists have explained Trump's unwavering support by alluding to a well-established psychological phenomenon known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect which is when a stupid person is so unaware of their lack of intelligence, that they genuinely believe they're superior.
    The More You Know 🌈

  4. this comes down to do you want to live in a free country or in a country like china!

    if you dont want the freedoms of the west fine.. dont let the door hit you on the way out but expect a god damn fight if you think you can take away what makes the west so great

  5. Personal freedom is important thing for human beings, but human health and safety will always tops freedom.
    These selfish people might lead themselves to health hazards, but more importantly, they increase the chance for others to get infected.

  6. People that are protesting cann't decide for themselves. Not because they have low intellect, but because they have low emotional intellect: "want or don't want" – are all the arguments.
    When they don't want to isolate themselves, they start google for arguments that supports their position.
    The problem in that cases, that individuals are too subjective and we need to relate to science, facts, mathematical models and expert opinion.

    Hey, you, who are protesting for democracy? Where was you as goverment take taxes, prohibit drugs, regulates pretty everything in you life (school system, driving, travel, building norms etc)? Why are you not against goverment constanly? What the principial difference to this Infection-Protection-Laws? Or you just want your pleasures: shopping, restaurants etc? Thats the reason?

  7. If there was any actual 'science' involved, there would be a control group, one group sequested at home, starving on the dole, the other group working to support those home on the dole, then compare the two outcomes. As it is, the same WHO and CDC who first spoke of 'herd immunity' and letting everyone get infected, is now pushing the self-quarantine in-place 'until a vaccine is ready', which is the for-profit Final Solution, a compulsory national experimental vaccine.

  8. What elected governments on said to be free democratic nations ever campaigned or can prove they have the power to prevent individuals living in said to be free nations from gathering or carrying on as they see fit as long as those individuals are not violating established laws?

    What elected government had following due process passed laws forbiding individuals from living their lives as they see fit as long as they are not breaking established laws?

    What police in any democratic nations have been empowered to prevent people carrying on as they see fit lawfully especially when no laws have been passed via legislation preventing the freedom of movement and peaceful assembly?

    When did the so called democratic governed free world just stop being free and to be under the thumb of dictitorial government?

    Where in a so-called democratically elected government society with the freedom of lawful private business enterprise have the power to arbitrarily without debated and constitutionally tested laws their private business enterprises shut down and for many may be economically wiped out?

    Who made these elected government officials, bureaucracy and criminal law enforcement become God's or Kings and Queens?

    If government wants to shut down government offices and services then so be it, but what right do they have to shut down private enterprise and again prevent a so-called free society the freedom of movement and assembly.?

    If you are scared then you stay home.

    Fact is this Coronavirus is not killing people at a higher level than the flu. It is not overwhelming hospitals either. Many are operating at best empty levels in most nations.

    Social distancing and such compared to nations which did not do so are not seeing any quantifiable difference in contagion.

    Do you want to know why? Because coronvirus went global by end of November 2019. Tens of millions of people have already contracted it and most got over it. They were not looking for coronvirus globally until late January so tens of millions had it and suffered flu like issues.

    Next, social distancing does nothing to stop spreading the coronvirus or any viruses for most if not all people pick it up by touching surfaces then touching their faces. Aerosolized virus dissipates quickly especially outdoors but also indoors with modern HVAC. Also outside the UV light of the sun disinfects it quickly.

    Social distancing is a psy-op trying to with forcing people inside to break the will of the human individual and to break them to succumb to (Illegal and abusive) government authority to turn people into compliant automatons.

    Heads should roll and the courts in these so-called free democratic nations should have intervened to stop the abuse and heavy hand of arrogant governments.🤔

  9. This tells us how badly us westerns have been spoiled. We love to take everything for granted. We don’t want to compromise even on the slightest thing for the sake of our safety and other’s. We love to take law in our hands, we BELIEVE we are entitled to everything.
    We are spoiled af, and we are westerns.

  10. Reduction of store hours means, less staff, so less people get paid, so they can't really stock enough, so you need to spend a longer time looking, in more concentrated areas, with longer check out times.


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