A heatwave brought thousands of people to the open beaches across Southern California over the weekend despite stay-at-home orders for people across the state amid the…More




  1. Anyone who is scared can stay home and watch their television PROGRAMMING. Call us names or anarchist. We do what we want in California viruses like government and central banks can go away✌️🏴

  2. If there 6ft apart who cares rite ? Or does it all tell a lie and government did over react and has to save face for there actions , I can understand because damed if you do damed if you dont

  3. How dare people stand for the constitutional rights. About time people started standing up to gov't and media. It's alright for you global you have a job still. You have no right to criticize those that have been imprisoned in their homes for the last month.

  4. Good for them, they don''t need a police government to "order" them to stay at home, plus the death rate is now medically proven in California to be 0.1% specially for healthy adults up to 60. Lower than influenza. Oh but I forgot, we're meant to Obey the orders from the GODs of Word health org?… Do you actually want people to low they immune systems to be more prone to get infected? ok, deprive them from sunlight and lock them out even longer… Calm down, let responsible adults keep on with their lives, and absorb the sunlight living creatures need!

  5. Hey dimwits who stay at home following NAZI orders, watch California doctors video with Dr Erickson telling the truth about his covid patients and the immune system

  6. I don't understand these people. Can you not sacrifice one summer for the good of everyone? How hard is that? Every time people decide their right to go fishing, or to lay on the beach, or party with their friends, is stronger than a person's right to not get sick and die- it sets us back with more weeks of this. The people staying in and doing what they are supposed to do are now having to stay in longer so that these selfish, spoiled, entitled idiots- get to go out in the world and be idiots.

  7. We all just sitting in our houses like a bunch of cowards scared to die, what if it takes years to find a vaccine cure for covid-19, I still believe leave it in God's hands if we are meant to die then be it, who knows with eight billion people on this planet Earth, maybe this is God's way of thinning out the human population, I say open up the gate and God will decide when our time is up.

  8. CA people so Stupid, I like the Sign Freedom, Free to Die. Not seen this Virus in over 100 years. And people think they are smarter than the Professional Doctor's of the world. And I live in Norfolk, Nebraska. It's always that 1% or 2% that make a Country look very bad.

  9. Sweden never shut down because they decided Herd immunity was the way to go since that is how all civilizations have survived. And they didn't hurt their economy. All we did was slow dn the progress and now we have given the government another weapon to use against us anytime they feel like it. We are all going to get it eventually and gates can keep his vaccines . You guys think sitting at home is the way to go, well what do you think we are doing to our kids and grandkids. This isn't costing you crap compared to what they will have to face. Its going to wind up being as deadly as the flew. But I understand if we needed ventilators and supplies because no one is government can see past tomorrow and thats why no one prepared. They knew it was coming. Not when but they knew. And since this is the 3 or 4th time china has done this , what the hell are you going to do. Nothing, just sit around and complain. That seems to be the American way now.


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