1. Oh wow, that would be super scary. I would never take anything that the man who suggest injecting bleach into the body to fight the virus or using some tremendously power light or UV lights,either through the skin or into the body somehow. The idea of looking into these suggestions and doing 'test' on people with covid-19 would be criminal and something the Federal government should never even entertained the idea. Trump is halfway to the point of doing test on sick people that can only end with death, excruciating pain and a different degree of burns caused by Ultra violet rays or a "power light" that was suggested to be pressed against the skin. I don't even understand how the idea of the light being INSIDE the body would work. He does understand that the human anatomy is nothing like a hallow chocolate bunny, there are organs and a skeleton.. hence bones.

    What an completely incompetent leader and such a pathetic man.

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  3. Trump is a stable genius! Thats why he should lead by example and inject himself with disinfectant, may I suggest bleach!? Heck, if he does and find a cov-19 cure, he has my vote in November!

  4. At this point there is NO WAY Trump is NOT TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE. You would have to have the mental capacity of a severely inbred German Shepherd to say the things Trump says.

  5. Seriously, your letting your leftist side show. Comparing countries the size of one state to the entire US is just trying skew the numbers. Europe has more than double the deaths as the US with a lot less cases – come to your own conclusion. Everyone has been screaming for testing and now that itโ€™s getting done now your screaming look at the high numbers . Your not news your an op ed station that regurgitates old ABC footage and dialogue.

  6. I thought both France and Italy had studies that showed Hydroxychloroquine was effective, like it was for the woman from Llyodminster. I also heard there was one study that proved the drug was ineffective, and that seems to be the study everyone is migrating to because it proves Trump to be wrong. Something I also find odd, is that the drug is cheep, and Trump is advocating for it.

  7. He's taking about disinfecting not inside the body talking about in the lab was tested listen moron's. He was talking about the UV LIGHT IN THE BODY. And skin he was throwing out suggestions talking to the doctorpeople need a f**** pay attention a little better instead of taking every little thing that he says into what they want to believe.

  8. Who the heck voted for this guy!?? I blame yall for it! I really cant blame him for taking a job he cant handle because he been who he is from the start lol. Mannnn this is like watching the best reality show on ever!! I cant wait for the new episode tomorrow lol


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