Coronavirus outbreak: U.S. consumers uneasy as states reopen; conflict and the coronavirus pandemic





  1. Liberals think were all gonna die by going out in public unless its one of their monopoly grocery stores where you have to stand around like a robot for hours and wait in the bank lineups outside the door really helps.just means your gonna be outside for hours trying to do any basic tasks.

  2. Have the leaders of America lost their minds? Money over life? America has the virus like a wild fire, and sure lets open back up, and see even more Americans die. Wow Land of money hungry idiots.

  3. Global and National philosophies are polar opposites. Binding them together is mind conditioning called the Hegelian dialectic. Mainstream media is not your friends. Get street smarts, turn off the TV mind programming

  4. I don't think they are rushing it they offering the option not everyone can afford to just stay closed and lose their business. The virus is not very deadly for most young healthy people anyway. Some people go mad from the isolation too.

  5. Influenza and pneumonia killed 8,511 people in 2018, per Statistics Canada figures.
    When you narrow the scope to just the common flu, the death toll is
    around 1,500 per year.

  6. Oh Global, your fear campaign doesn't work. 90% of the people who died had underlying conditions. Funny how you never covered that. If we maintain a safe 6' distance why are not allowed outside? Americans are much like Canadians, we want to get back to work. My only concern is how much of this martial law are gov't and authorities going to hang unto? Sure be nice if you reported the truth once in a while.

  7. Nearly 13,300 people died from unintentional injuries in 2018, according
    to Statistics Canada. And while the number of car accident fatalities
    has dropped from nearly 3,000 20 years ago, people in Canada are still
    more likely to die in a car crash than from coronavirus. More than 1,800
    people died in a collision in 2017, per figures from Transport Canada.

  8. Many of the largest major retail/grocery stores have remained open throughout this with people passing in the aisles daily, along with contact with employees and the goods handled and shelved again throughout the course of a day. It's already been done. No small business is going to be a bigger risk than that. Let people take their own responsibility back and decide for themselves if and how they go out to shop.

  9. Lets stretch your imagination kids…I worked in a VERY busy video store in a strip mall. My shift saw about 75 people spending about $10.00 each…that's a $750.00 shift–at 2 shifts a day it equaled $1.500 a day…damn good money. Out little store pulled in 45 thousand a month…UNHEARD OF. ..for a little strip mall outlet and yet I would have to be exposed to these 75 customers per shift for 50 consecutive days to find one—ONE…who just MIGHT have the virus…YEA…BIG DEAL !! one in 3.500. I'm not gonna sterilize my hands 75 times a shift on the off chance that I would stumble across someone with the virus once every 50 days…THAT'S INSANE !! And even if I did get the virus…BIG DEAL…only one in 65 thousand will die from it. I'm strong-fit and healthy and fear not. I haven't had a cold or a flu for 22 years now. That's right…I work with the public and cash every day and haven't taken a sick day in 22 years. I think it's about time you paranoid brainwashed minions got yer frickin' heads nailed on straight…You've all been DUPED into cowering in your boxes for what amounts to a seasonal flu bug–sure it's a bit nastier than most years..but not by much….every year the regular seasonal flu kills 400.000 people globally …what a buncha SUCKAHZ.

  10. I would disagree. Most US consumers are anxious to reopen and get back to what they were doing. If you are scared and want to still stay home, feel free, that's your choice. The rest want to get back to work and their lives.

  11. They will NEVER find the origin of this virus. High up government officials know and have the antidote. But this virus was released onto the world, to eliminate sick people and the elderly who can no longer be a productive member of society, so that they could install the FLEMING program onto every country every state through 5G. Which in all reality it's a military grade weapons system to spy on EVERYONE. Hence the restrictions, and closing of businesses, churches….Not just in communist countries, but the USA. For those evil, SPITEFUL government people who THEY know who they are, stated to themselves that NO ONE can stop them, not even GOD. A day of reckoning and judgment will come. Because I will NOT comply with so called FLEMING/TRACKING PROGRAM (where they advertise as tracking individuals who are at risk of COVID) ……this is not some conspiracy theory…..check it out. In South Korea its MANDATORY for EVERY PERSON TO BE TRACKED AS TO WHERE THEY GO/ARE AT …Civil liberties in the USA, are at a high risk. It's sad to what this world has come to. And, it will not get better.

  12. The Coronavirus Chinese Flu Wuhan Pneumonia Covid-19 PLandemic is a HOAX! Reopen Now! No restrictions! No Masks – No Tests – No Vaccine… for me.. But you folks keep on keeping that HOAX ALIVE!

  13. Global should be deplatformed, they spread fear and alarmism, not news… Their blatant anti -Western propaganda is more dangerous than any hate speech… Fortunately more Canadians than ever are wise to their manipulation

  14. Take a moment to think about the virus vaccine contradiction.  No existing "flu" virus vaccine could stop the Covid19. And if a Covid19 vaccine is created it won't stop the next "new" virus either, it's already mutated multiple times. When will the "experts" debate that? Don't be suckered into the vaccine scam.


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