This is an ordinary street in an ordinary city in extraordinary times.

Just like millions around the UK, residents living on a road in Leeds are dealing with life in lockdown.

Several households on the street are keeping video diaries for Sky News, and are sharing their experiences for the days and weeks of lockdown. This is week two. Week one is here.

Number 11

Name: Saf, aka Faji

Age: 34

Occupation: Property agent

Faji is determined to keep his exercise regime going during lockdown

Saf, known by everyone as Faji, lives with his mother and two sisters. He works in the property business doing up houses and renting them out, but that’s come to a halt during the lockdown.

Builders aren’t working, suppliers are shut and one of Faji’s tenants says they can’t pay the rent as they are out of work.

This week fasting for Ramadan begins for Faji and his family – minus their fussy cat.

Number 25a

Name: Liz and Phil

Age: Both 67


Liz volunteers to speak to the vulnerable during lockdown

Liz and Phil have lived in their four bedroom detached house for 40 years, and have seen the road become increasingly diverse over the years.

Phil has a software background and Liz was a yoga trainer and still does a weekly yoga class with a friend online.

This week Liz talks through the difficult decision to go for a hospital scan alone.

Number 33

Name: Sadif

Age: 35

Occupation: Fish and chip shop owner

Sadif has rallied her community together during lockdown

Sadif lives in a busy home with her husband and six children. During lockdown everyone is at home including her husband, Muddassar, who runs the fish and chip shop, which is currently closed.

Sadif is a stay-at-home mum – and loves it. The children are out in the garden, playing board games, reading together or watching TV or films.

This week it’s movie night, a phone call brightens her day, and Ramadan provides an opportunity for reflection – but not for hugs.

Number 40

Name: Clare

Age: 62

Retired teacher

Clare has never felt closer to her neighbours than during lockdown

Clare is a retired special needs teacher who lives with her dog, Rory. Originally from Surrey, she brought up her two children on the road and has lived there for more than 30 years.

She has two grandchildren, who she video calls every day. Clare is enjoying keeping her mind and body healthy during lockdown by doing yoga and Qi Gong classes online, practising meditation and doing lots of singing. She tries to avoid going out as she is recovering from chronic fatigue, which she has suffered from for 18 years.

In week two she introduces us to the art of felting, thinks about missed time with her family, and looks forward to getting Rory back to the groomers.

Number 92

Name: Peter and Hilda

Age: 76, 71

Retired primary school teachers

Hilda and her husband have lived in the same house for over 40 years

Peter and Hilda are retired primary school teachers who have lived at number 92 for more than 40 years. They are in their seventies, so are taking extra precautions during lockdown on account of their age.

All four of their children live a short drive away, but in week two they miss the company of their grandchildren – as well as a simple trip to the shops. Fortunately Hilda is still able to get to Mass, albeit digitally.

Hilda is spending her time doing pilates and zumba online, and Peter is practising his golf-putting in the garden and painting the skirting boards. They are glad that the government has extended the lockdown, but have questions about what is going to happen in the future.

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