For those of us who rent a house or flat, it’s no surprise that after paying rent and bills, all that’s left is money to buy food.

Therefore, more and more people prefer to buy instead of rent. At the end of the day, you can pay a little more for the mortgage each month, but you know that the house will be yours in a few years.

And even better than buying a house is building a house yourself.

Nikki, 33 at the time, and Adam, 30, realised that renting seats wouldn’t work in the long run, so they took matters into their own hands. Literally.

They gave up the house they rented and in August 2014 they started working on a project that few would dare to take on: turning a van into a real home.

The couple returned to their family home until their home was ready, and the next year they worked hard to build their dream home from scratch.

They bought a white Ford Transit Luton for $ 4,500 because it was cheap, and it was also one of the biggest vehicles you can drive with a normal driver’s license. They started working immediately after purchasing.

They designed the house they wanted to build on a free Google program, and soon began working to make it happen.

The couple had never done anything like this before. Actually, Nikki’s never had a drill in her life. But over time and as they did more research, they realized that anything is possible as long as you really believe it.

So, as you can see in the pictures, they finally made a proper one-bedroom house with a patio!

They made sure there were no leaks in the roof and at the same time cut a window in the roof to have enough light in the house and to maintain the original pickup shape.

Their kitchens are extremely functional, with a four burner stove, sink and plenty of storage space. There is also a practical toilet / shower, a cozy living room with a bookcase with built in shelves, and a cute bedroom.

Are they satisfied with their choice and the results of their work? They are actually very happy !!

Would they do something different if they started over?

So here are some tips for those who want to follow Adam’s examples. Some are that the start of the summer should make sure that the van they bought isn’t leaking and mistakes are inevitable.

It’s surprising how an ordinary van turns into a comfortable home.





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