With the coronavirus crisis affecting frontline workers’ mental health, Positive News magazine will provide free copies to support their wellbeing

“Find opportunities to amplify positive and hopeful stories”. That was among the advice on mental health given by the World Health Organization at the start of the pandemic.

As the coronavirus crisis continues, stories of hope have never been more important; providing a counterbalance to a 24-hour news cycle that can feel overwhelming.

Few people are more overwhelmed than frontline NHS workers, who are risking their lives to treat patients with Covid-19. According to a YouGov survey released today by the IPPR thinktank, half of healthcare workers questioned said their mental health had deteriorated during the pandemic.

In response, Positive News, which focuses on stories about progress and solutions, wants to offer copies of its print magazine to healthcare workers across the UK. The Positive News team is raising funds through a campaign on Crowdfunder.co.uk to distribute thousands of complimentary copies to NHS staff.

“After a number of hospitals got in touch to request copies of the magazine, we wanted to do all we could to help,” says Sean Wood, CEO of Positive News. “So, we’re asking our readers and the public to support us in raising the funds to get complimentary copies of Positive News magazine to any NHS staff who request them.”

The initial target of the crowdfunding campaign is to gift 4,000 copies, which will be distributed directly to individual NHS staff as well as to hospitals. For every £3 contributed, a copy of Positive News magazine will go to a nurse, doctor or other NHS worker. This is half the usual price and covers the cost of printing and posting each copy.

Any NHS employee can request a copy of Positive News by visiting positive.news/nhs-employee. The more funds the campaign raises, the more of these requests Positive News will be able to fulfil, on a first-come-first-served basis.

After a number of hospitals got in touch to request copies of the magazine, we wanted to do all we could to help

Likewise, hospitals can make requests for copies at positive.news/nhs-workplace. It is also possible for the public to nominate an NHS worker to receive a copy of the magazine by visiting positive.news/nhs-nominate.

“While NHS staff urgently need protective equipment and practical support, we feel that Positive News can make a humble but valuable contribution to helping them stay resilient while they cope with such challenging circumstances,” Wood added.

“I hope that a read of Positive News magazine in a moment of pause can give healthcare workers some respite and a mental boost as they carry out their incredible work.”

Image: Reuters/Paul Childs

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