Here’s a feel-good story at a time when we could all use one.

A dog that alerted her family during a tornado in Tennessee on March 3, saving their lives, has been found nearly two months later.

Bella, a six-year-old miniature Australian shepherd, woke up her owner, Eric Johnson, after behaving erratically, giving Johnson a sense that something didn’t feel right.

Johnson turned on his TV and saw that a tornado was headed toward Cookeville, where the family lived. Johnson got his wife and children and hid them in a bathtub. When the tornado hit their house, destroying it, Johnson was trying to find the dog. He was thrown into the backyard, as was the dog, which then went missing.

With the help of a dog tracker, Bella was found on Sunday hiding in an alley 6 1/2 kilometres from home.

“The whole situation was incredible,” Sarah Lang Romeyn, the dog tracker, told CNN. “I am so very grateful that I was position to be able to help him out.”





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