1. But it's a DIVERSE empty Sisterhood of the media. Thanks for the Chinese bio weapon ! Torontostan hasn't looked this GOOD in years. Am sure the many faces of Justine will SJW fix it for the lesbians. Your job is safe girls, keep up the great content.

  2. Empty because of liars like the Toronto Star promoting terrorism and deciept on people and families pretending there is a killer virus running rampid in the cleanest country in the world.
    The media is the only Ace card as usual used in deception. After that everything falls apart very easily.

  3. Empty? Not really, look on Bloor, Yonge, Bay there are plenty of people, I 2as just on a bus and the driver kept letting more and more people on despite the fact I saw a half dozen that changed their sign to "drop off only" after they reached capacity (where nobody was sitting next to one another) unlike my driver. I panhandle at Bay and Bloor and there are people but they don't care about me and my dog. Way to look out for the most vulnerable Toronto!


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