Exercise 8 Minutes Before Bed, See What Happens In a Month

If you just can’t find time during the day to exercise, this bedtime workout will help you stay fit, flexible, and fabulous! You’ll go to bed feeling refreshed, you’ll …




  1. Maybe with these I will sleep better . No sweating involved right ? I don’t take a shower before bed, but 2 and a half hours before. I don’t want to be sweaty before getting into bed .

  2. I'm watching this video everyday before going to bed from past 2 month. Hopefully I'll start from Tomorrow 😐

  3. When doing after they show you how to do it don’t look at the time it can make a minute feel like 5 ! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Because we're all under quarantine i will do this every night. lets see if you tube allows us to read each others comments again to refresh and edit because we survived the pandemic! Thankyou bright side!

  5. I’m always having a hard time falling asleep so I hope these exercises will help with my sleep schedule

  6. M basically lazy for workouts. But I am seriously starting it from today. Will update on my results

  7. Doing it till May 20th!

    Update: Wow! It works very well! Try it for more than month! Hope y'all have luck !

  8. For everyone that’s going to try this in their room without their parents knowing or embarrassed if their parents find out

    Feel you

  9. Day 1- just 8 min & I feel great! Will try to stay consistent throughout this month & update y'all. ❤


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