Flowers add beauty to your home. However, their life span is short.

Florists say that the flower they sell the most is the tulip. Tulips, which you can find in various colors, attract everyone with their scents and images.

The only problem with tulips is that they fade quickly. But with a few tips, you can extend the life of tulips.

If you are also a tulip lover, but you complain that they fade quickly, you can prolong the life of your tulips with our tips.

Although tulips are beautiful, they are very sensitive. Usually lifetimes are one week. But it is possible to extend their life.

The most common method used by florists to extend the life of tulips is to throw ice into the water of the vase containing the tulips.

Keep them healthy
Another thing you can do is not unpack the tulips for a few days after purchasing them from the florist. After removing it, you can wrap the roots of the tulips with newspaper and then soak them in warm water to strengthen the roots.

The vase you choose for tulip care is also very important.People who take very good care of tulips usually prefer glass fanus.

As tulips are sensitive to bacteria, changing the water in your vase every day will extend the life of tulips. And don’t forget to wash your vase nicely and remove the bacteria.

It also matters where you keep your tulips. Tulips are’nt supposed to be directly exposed to sunlight.

You need to keep your tulips away from fruits. As the fruits release ethylene oxide gas, they cause tulips to die quickly.

Most important reinforcement
You can add potato starch to the water of tulips, which will supplement the flower and extend its life.

We hope you will extend the life of your tulips thanks to our tips.Don’t forget to share our tips to extend the life of tulips with your tulip-loving friends.




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