1. Scam, Fraudulent, and Opportunistic People are found in all countries…To This Low Inhuman beings I suggest at least 5 years in Prison, that way we make them as an Example for future other scam bags, and make them pay back the Community.

  2. It'd be great if this scammer's, villain's, identity and location could and would be determined, and then the criminal arrested, etc. This'll hopefully happen, esp. if the person is in Canada, where a court sentence could be strong.

  3. I smell Faults Flag !!! Just like Ottawa Fault Flag Shooting  doesn't Hollywood Cult try to Show us the Future Like the Movie "They Live"  reminds me of the Movie "Shooter" with a corrupt Senator  … Maybe Trudeau Hiding in Canada`s Cottage Mite Set something off .. LMAO     didn't the Senator get whats coming to Him   …. So Interesting !!!!   Trudeau must be shitting Its People Kind Pants  .. Everyone Knows the RCMP are just as corrupt as the CIA

  4. This can't even be qualified as a shooting. It's ARSON. There are many houses burned to the ground.

    I would like to invite you to examine the pictures of the crime scenes in Nova Scotia.

    There are many burned residences and vehicles.

    This kind of damage can only be done with molotov cocktails and explosives.

    The police response was pathetic and took all night.

    Most victims died by smoke inhalation and by the flames, not by gunfire. He put many houses in flames impersonating an RCMP officer.

    Only an armed citizen could have stopped him.

    They are using a false narrative to take our rights away. We need your help.

    We must change the narrative or we can kiss our rights goodbye.

  5. The world is in crisis , and all the scammers are trying to capitalize. Sick mother fuckers . I bet it’s people who can’t be caught from another country like the cra scam . Because clearly there English isn’t the greatest victoms instead of victims . Prolly far away so they can’t be caught so sad

  6. Money is not the root of all evil: human beings are the root of all evil. Despicable, lazy, good-for-nothing people who ruin lives through the use of money for their own greed.

  7. So why did the RCMP choose to use Twitter instead of actually warning people a killer was killing people in their area? No I don't think it was justified and it's sick to hear the pigs try and cover their asses

  8. I always tell everyone Nova Scotia is a very safe place to raise our children . But then this happened . I am really surprised . I always think Atlantic Canada is the safest part of Canada . Sorry RIP Brothers and sisters

  9. Stop deflecting the issue CBC and how about reporting on real issues like banning guns. We can give gun owners forks as replacements for guns since forks can also harm so its the same as a gun and a win win for all


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