It appears some federal executives in Canada didn’t heed the advice to try to work from home when possible.

Blacklock’s Reporter says records show managers booked unnecessary travel on March 11, the day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked the public to “figure out how to stay home from work and work from home.”

That day, two Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety executives – CEO Anne Tennier and vice president Janet Mannella – billed $2,849 in total to travel from Ottawa to Halifax for a routine meeting.

Blacklock’s says Sharily Ingram, chair of the Administrative Tribunals Support Service, also travelled on March 11 from Grimsby, Ont. to Ottawa “to attend several meetings” and billed $1,652.

The Centre for Occupational Health imposed a travel freeze March 12, enabling everyone to work from home starting March 16.

A day after the Prime Minister’s appeal, Chuck Maillet, vice-president of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, took a $725 flight from Moncton to St. John’s for “interviews,” he wrote.

“ACOA senior officials are required to travel regularly,” said Agency spokesman Cathy Theriault.

“These trips were made in accordance with travel advisories and public health guidelines available at the time.”

On March 4, a special cabinet committee on COVID-19 was appointed and issued public appeals to avoid unnecessary travel.

Blacklock’s says executives’ routine flights in the period from March 7-12 totalled $18,974.

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