1. Oil Mafia always gets billions no matter what is going on

    Now Canadians will pay for the Toxic Waste of the Oil Mafia

    * 87% of Canada is still Crown Land owned by Queen Elizebeth

  2. you see – "unpaid troll" below is talking about bringing the hate speech into the real world. That's the line, folks. The biggest threat to Canada is the organized communication action of the populist right. Everything possible needs to be done to bring these fellows into the light. I want unpaid troll to be able to share only if he puts his actual identity out there for all of us to see. I want to be able to write to his mother. Let's communicate every chance we get to bring Canada's politics into the light. No anonymous hate speech. Free speech only.

  3. Isn't this a problem for the governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan, they were the ones who "failed" to ensure that oil companies pay enough into the clean up funds? Also, if the Trudeau government is using everyone's money to fix Alberta's and Saskatchewan's problem, what that happens now to the funds that were collected?


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