1. I think they should just reopen everything. This virus will kill all the weak, old and those with shitty genetics. The healthy and the strong will be fine. Just let the useless die.

  2. every time I see this guy say something on TV he looks so guilty. Probably because he is. Ford Trudeau McKay what can I tell you they're all crooked as the day is long. I wish the RCMP would hurry up and jail all these pedophiles and get on with it.

  3. The gig is up, Covid19 scare tactics failed, it's been proven that the death rate is the same as the normal flu, lets go back now you can't keep this charade up anymore, there are a lot of dumb people in the world, but not enough for you to control everyone, a lot of us aren't dumb, we are over this sham.

  4. Long Term Care had always huuuuge issues. Shortly before virus outbreaks THEY were worned about critical shortage of psw. Most of the society doesn't know what it is true love.. care, compation, emphaty. 95% of longterm workers shouldn't be allowed to be near the building of the facilities. Weed smokers, alcoholics, heavy smokers, mentally unstable, gossipers, backbiters. And you are in the cage with them, and you depend on them, and you are frightened to complain.

  5. What we needed to do was isolate care home staff & let the rest of us carry on normally, this lockdown has been both insane & not accomplishing the task at hand, protecting the vulnerable.

  6. The first results out of Santa Clara, Cali, of a wide sample antibody test shows that the reaction has been much much worse than the disease. Kinda looks like we have shot out our own knees for nothing…. WHO WILL PAY FOR ALL THE RUINED LIVES???

  7. "we did the right thing,we listened to the experts" Ah yes, the so called "experts". The same experts that said there would be 2.2 million deaths in the US alone EVEN with social distancing measures and since them these "experts" have had to change their "models" constantly to fit the reality that this is just a flu. The same experts that said there was "no sign of human to human transmissions"?
    People nowadays put these "experts" on such high pedestals. They're basically the new priest class. Just listen to your experts! They know much better than you do! They forget those experts are fallible human beings that can be bought, influenced or intimidated.

    Meanwhile millions upon millions of people lost their jobs/business. We know that stress and fear can be killers as well. When this is all done will we be counting all the deaths from suicide and poverty cause by these ridiculous lockdowns? Of course not.

  8. The data is crystal clear. The global expert testimony irrefutable. Can no longer be suppressed. Therefore any news outlet, politician or political actor pushing panic and the legitimacy of gov't action in this "crisis" has exposed themselves as bought off or completely compromised. Very instructive.

  9. I just saw a local hair salon moving out. New business, maybe 2 years in operation. Gone. This approach is not sustainable, and will eventually lead to a Second Great Depression. We need to adopt Sweden's approach. Protect the vulnerable, let the healthy gain herd immunity.

  10. Who thinks it's okay to expand our social distancing, let us visit our family 'bubble' tracking will still be easy and spread will still be slowed. Common sense.

  11. The virus is similar to a seasonal flu which we have endured before without a lockdown. Time to open up business in Canada and put health resources to the vulnerable in seniors homes and hospitals.

  12. Wake up viruses mutate . More stores are closing , gas stations are closing . We are locked up and everyday there is a mask less party at Tim Hortons what’s up ? You have to see it to believe it . Zero self preservation and they are mostly old people except for the high school kids forced to work there

  13. "Doesn't have answers on our inability to test" Lol please by all means, propose a way where testing of millions of people can be done within the time period we've had. Oh let's not forget that some of the ones you test, might get sick again. Now you also need enough doctors to administer those tests, and doctors are expensive to employ, I mean how many doctors would you even need to hire to test every single Canadian (being millions) . Now on top of all this, let's add an economy that's crashing because people aren't working , which means technically less available volunteers to help btw for those that are, and you gotta figure out a way for them to not all go homeless because of unemployment at the same time. I mean why do people treat the government as god, like they can solve all our issues if they wanted to. Just throwing money at a problem doesn't work because there's always another problem that needs more money, and the more money you throw at one thing the less money you throw at others. Every action has a consequence. "Our inability to test" is said to be because we can't test everybody. Testing more people isn't going to make the test results come out any more conclusive, while testing "every" person would be conclusive, but is also an impossibility. Go to the hospital if you're feeling sick. Stop making all our problems "political" they're not.

  14. When are you going to help people in the long term care homes and what is your plan to help us minimize the spread of this virus and how about you TEST THE VIRUS ITSELF and and keeping businesses closed for too long would hurt businesses especially those small businesses and when is your conservative government going to help people who are on government checks like odsp and why not follow other provinces on the provincial emergency financial support funds and are you willing to negotiate with the health care workers and professionals and give them extra money for doing what they are doing now to help us fight this virus and are you going to go back to cutting funding for services that people depend on after this pandemic is over when is your long term care home plan going to help those who are at greater risk of getting this virus and not just saying it but doing it and showing that your plan is working in long term care homes because it looks like it’s not working well enough to protect and help our most vulnerable people the seniors and is the conservative government willing to tax their corporate buddies in order to help us fight this virus?

  15. Looks like Ford's been smoking weed today. Goes well with his piss poor government. The weak and feeble minded like him. People should remember that this turd cut the medical system that's currently struggling to keep up with the pandemic.


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