1. I was out of work for almost 3 years back in the bob rea days with two young kids and a wife with just unemployment insurance and 100$ from my union and I survived so if these people who live paycheque to paycheque didn’t put anything away for a rainy day or were living far beyond their means then I really have little sympathy for them. The only good that came out of it was my wife asked me for a divorce. Thank god. Good riddens. Lol

  2. "So when do the Chinese completely take over us we need out but guess were getting used to having to live like them. Martial law…complete state/provincial surveillance…our credit score will be our jail sentence for prisons for profit. Had to re submit had grade 4ers boys making grade 4 comments as usual nowhere in the vicinity of topic.. Thanxxxx

  3. Rejoice Comrades! Soon you will know the glory of life for the State. You will all be supplied your rations of flour, cooking oil and bum wiping cloths on the corner of your soon to be constructed public apartments. All of you will be taken care of in equal measure. This is merely a bump on the road to true equality and a united Earth.

  4. 45 000 Canadians die a year from smoking. Why isn't that banned? You know, save lives. Is it because thats a choice? People should have the choice to hide in fear or not from this virus. Reason they don't ban smoking is tax dollars, can't tax the virus yet. Trudeau brought us Carbon tax, literally a tax on breathing. Next year we'll see a virus tax, to pay for the failed socialism and donating our supplies abroad

  5. We have established 12 months+ for a vaccine. We have closed all business for less than a month and we are entering a depression unprecedented in a century. The solution cant be bigger than the problem. We cant shut down for 12 months. Supply chain will rupture and lots of people will starve. More than corona could ever kill. This is a critical time. History will tell who was incompetent. I fear we are being misled.

  6. Nothing but Essentials before September. Have none of you done your History background on Spanish Flu etc etc Pandemics??? Just loving the 2nd and 3rd Curves of Death so much, are you. Me thinks not.

    Grocery Stores should be open only every other day to allow those front of house workers time to relax and replenish. or give them Sun/Monday off open Tues, Thurs. Friday/Saturday. People you do not need to buy groceries every day. Also gives time for Cleaning Crews to actually Sanitize the entirety of the stores. Amazingly those of us actually remember when stores were closed both Sunday and in some areas Sunday and Monday, and guess what, we got all the things we needed still.

    Alternate concept, for those going through stress on the mere thought, open half of the Grocery Stores Companies above days, and others put on Mon Wed Friday Sunday to give options.

  7. Right…. the Health team … Ontario’s health team thinks keeping liquors stores opened is good for the people of Ontario where in two different cities employees have tested positive for Covid 19 and the Canadian health Minister says You’ll be fine not wearing a mask , what a disgraceful representation for the people, both Reds and Blues!!

  8. Now instead of asking how many more weeks, it's more like how many more years do we have to stay locked up in our cage and wait for starvation and no money to live on and can't even go outside anymore? What a bunch of BS.

  9. One last remark . I do think its best that NO ONE try to guess the month – day – hour that this will be over . simply put "we will carry on till the cure is found "
    each time every higher up puts a date on it, it passes and we loose hope. = No one but God knows .

  10. The same group of frauds who told the world to eat an inflammatory diet for roughly 4 decades killing untold millions prematurely and causing all manner of disease. The same group of frauds who are still giving this advice in spite of the evidence of fraud that brought it about, and the harm it has caused. That cult of memorize and repeat and appeal to authority/normalcy bias is guiding the political class who brought you Globalization, and debt-money Ponzi schemes that keep most people on a treadmill until the day their "healthy low-fat diet" kills them. Yeah. Okay. And they wonder why people don't trust them. BTW. How much money does Trudeau's traitor government pay the Toronto Star? This should be in the description of every video they post.

  11. I honestly give Mr Ford alot of credit . He is not just giving speeches but he is going out picking emergency products and working very late hours not to mention holding people who price gouge and so on responcible for thier actions .
    His family supports him thru all of this not complaining how they dont see him .
    I wrote to him and told him how proud he made me AFTER voting for him . He has not dropped the ball . Carry on Mr Ford . Job well done .
    Looking to the future this one time ..It is my hope that Mr Ford becomes the new Prime Minister Of Canada !

  12. why are people listening to these liars? Obviously this is all a lie…..why can't people discern that these politicians are LIARS? WHY DO PEOPLE FOLLOW LIARS? Get some testicles people and start thinking for yourselves….'they' will NEVER save you.

  13. People of Ontario are NOT going to take this decision lightly and are not pleased with the government decisions! I understand the situation and I'm all for protection with health and safety measures so our healthcare system is not overwhelmed…which according to the overall numbers Canada has NOT been.

    Ok…my little rant here won't make a bit of difference and doubt it will even make me feel better but as you can read I'm {along with most everyone I know} becoming more and more frustrated with government decisions.

    I'm really starting to wonder how far this shut down will go and for how long? It seems to me it's getting to the point {already past?} where it's become what most would consider to be increasingly intrusive on a person, businesses, employers and employee rights and freedoms? Being told what businesses are allow to open, where you can go, what you can do, who you can meet with and can't, what you can and cannot buy, lines everywhere etc etc etc!

    The public in Canada have been very patient with most everyone abiding by whatever emergency conditions have been applied. For Ontario we're now hearing these restrictions could be extended well into the month of May and even some talk about June? A person does not need to be any kind of medical expert or need a college education to KNOW for things to be extended much longer would definitely NOT be a WISE nor an ACCEPTABLE plan?

    For many people {I know several personally} they already do not even have a job to go back to at this point. There are MANY small businesses {the backbone of every nation} for whom it's also already too late and they will just not be in a position to re-open again at all.

    I'm wondering when it's time to begin using some basic logic and reasoning? When does the OVERALL damage to a nation and her people who are going to lose {already lost} their jobs, homes, cars and businesses outweigh the decision to RE-OPEN Ontario?

    No government can afford to just continue handing out money {only to some} without MAJOR economic and very long lasting repercussion. When is enough, enough? How much longer will the people allow THEIR government to shut down OUR country? I'm not suggesting a rebellion or anything like that…these are only my thoughts and I'm just wondering when it's time for the public to start asking {demanding?} the government change its course and re-open this country again?

    For instance, those who would be considered higher risk could simply continue to do what they are doing now. BUT why not set a date like either May 1st {even before end of April} to allow those who are considered to be LESS vulnerable begin to re-open Ontario once again? Why not allow ALL businesses and their owners to make THEIR OWN choices to FULLY re-open if they want?

    How much longer will this continue…I just wonder?

  14. It's shocking to see … the "conservative" party under FORD giving us the same bitter taste of *authoritarian vocation* that we saw under HARPER, at the G-20 meeting in 2010, by invoking the same WW2 "State Of Emergency" Act. I thought only NDPs and LIBERALs alike were capable of such "ideas". Never to be forgotten, the Ontario provincial parliament was their accomplice in both occasions, too!! The State against the people whose power emanates from. Pitiful … **It baffles me how passive Canadians are** Differently from other countries, such as Brazil:


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