1. And yet another misuse of the Emergency Alert System. Someone reporting hearing "shots fired" is substantially different than confirmed dead victims with an assailant still on the loose.

  2. Do you actually believe this man who has led a billion dollar organization, has thousands work for him would tell people to inject poison in them , you people are insane with hate. And you are liars. CBC the leftist news organization.

  3. Lord, comfort the families, Nova Scotia and Canada. What could have gone wrong with this man? It is sad. Humanity. Why do people murder? Evil always comes from the heart. Guard your heart, dear listening heart.

  4. Trump never said that the media is sickening.. He wasn’t telling people to do anything. All the ridiculous gaffs Trudeau has made and continues to, meanwhile eroding our freedoms, and destroying our economy, and leading our nation with pathetic PC ideology, sitting by giving communist China a pass over coved-19 covering for the WHO , Canada is a mess. CBC is pathetic.


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