He describes step by step how he set up a solar powered DIY workshop


At first, Ben wanted to build this workshop from the beginning, but first he decided to do some research on the internet and discovered how convenient it was for him. While doing his research, Ben found the Tuff Shed offered by Hemmestoppet, and when he read how quickly they could build the shed, he decided to use this prefab option. He mentions that the website is easy to use when you design your own shed, and pricing information is updated as you go through various options and ideas.

It’s time to prepare the field.

When Ben created his ideal Tuff Shed and checked the local building code, he chose a place on the farm and started draining the land. Then he laid two inches of sand and three inches of gravel in front of the hut that was to be built on it. The chickens also helped with the preparation!

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