He showed the inside of his little house in the forest

Kris has left the big city to begin her first big step

Early in Kris ‘ video, he explains who he is and what prompted¬† him to live in a small house in the woods. There was a point in his life when he decided he had enough “modern” housing and chose to do something simpler for himself.

Kris has some morning chores to do before he shows his house.

However, Kris wants to show off some of her daily routine before going on a home tour. The video shows him leaving his house on a cold morning, as the light filtered the wintry air of Wales. He tells that after he finishes his morning work, he will come on the tour that the audience hoped for.

Kris doesn’t need the grocery stores because he has own fresh eggs.

Kris thinks his chickens should be well groomed and happy, especially how cold it can get in winter. So chickens and roosters not only get a healthy portion of chicken feed, it warms up the chicken feed for young chickens.

Kris ‘ cozy house in the Woods is much more modern than you think

Kris finally returns home for the big tour after taking care of the other morning chores. It begins with an interior demonstration that shows how cozy and well-lit his home is. It has everything from wireless internet to a fully functional fireplace, and it’s log walls, which he explains to protect his home from rain all year round.

The house also has wood-burning stove heating to keep the house beautiful and fried all year round. Part of his daily routine involves collecting early cut logs so that they never get hot.

Kris has a solid home inside and out

Then Kris takes the viewers to the exterior of his house. He talks about how keeps his walls intact all year round, with joints to cover cracks, and daily observation and maintenance.

The best houses welcome guests

However, Kris is not the only one who loves his little house. He points out where the birds will live throughout the year. He likes to leave the birds to do their own thing, just move the nest and close the area as they move forward. He then marks a hidden spot near one of his windows where bats come to stand.

They have nothing against bats because they admit it.

Kris explains how he lived so comfortably

So how does he keep his house motorized all year round? It seems impossible because he talks about having a workshop, a house, and a toilet.

Kris answers these questions with a short tour of the hydroelectric generator. Using running water and turbine, it generates enough power on its own to effortlessly charge whatever it needs. There are also solar panels, but he admits that certain times of the year just don’t work.

Kris sits down after his tour and talks to audience about his life. He shares some comments that discuss further why he lives the way and what he hopes to achieve. Whether this story inspires viewers to live online or not, he is happy to share this journey.







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