Do you wanna know how tall you’re going to be? Perhaps you just haven’t finished growing yet! Many factors influence your height: your lifestyle, your genes, …




  1. The people who are 18 above and know that they will not grow anymore but still they are watching the video are the real bright side fans

  2. Me gets 270 points and is written you’ll be 6 foot me I’m happy but I’m laughing cause I am 11 and I’m about 5’ 4 bright side are you sure maybe even 5’5

  3. Guys it says imma be 5.4 yet I’m 4.8 1/2 and I’m already 13 so I prob won’t grow much more (since I’m a girl). Do you think I can grow that much? Lol

  4. I’m 5’2 and turn 15 in 1 month. This test says I will be 6’. I am a boy. I will come back when I’m older and chefk😂 doctors say I’ll be 5’7


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