They say success is a mindset. No offense to whoever “they” are, but that doesn’t really help most people much. So what about a real-life example to live by?




  1. if you manage to fall asleep without any thoughts in your head, you will naturally sleep 6 hours and be fully rested

    Edit: also the lack of breakfast drops the sleep quota aswell.

  2. Wow.. that's interesting, would definitely like to try this to manage between my IT work YouTube channel and family time.

  3. I had achieved it by 4 hrs of sleep with no breakfast , but u will face A headache in starting of that shedule and after 7 day everything will be ok its not impossible but its hard.

  4. Maybe it’s because I live in a warm climate but I don’t know how people sleep till 7. Even in winter the sun is up by 6.
    Getting 3 hours to myself, and my family, is a must before heading to work which includes a proper breakfast.

  5. I skip lunch 😀 coincidentally and sleep 5-6 hours only, maintain my to-do lists with timing –however i have procrastination 😛 two things, i eat for about 30 minutes:( focusing 5 mins things are left to do 😉


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