So…You’re driving along a highway, the weather’s good, and you’re in total control of the car. And suddenly – bam! – another driver comes out of nowhere, cuts …




  1. Me:Driving
    Bright side: if you find an envelope in your car, throw it away imidiently
    Me: throws it away, drives away saying 'AWEEEEEWWEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!'

  2. Bright side:if u see a envelope in your car throw it imigently (sorry if i spelled this wrong
    me throws it mom:where is the birthday invetation? Me:😐

  3. I saw this from the show that a person pretended that her his girlfriend was hurt but then the person stuff that he robbed the person

  4. I know one but I don’t think it’s real but could happen if ur car got run down and is a little damaged in the inside someone might see and say,”I can fix it but can u give me money first” u give him the money and the other guy pretends to fix it while he does nothing so he gets free money.

  5. Once my brother made my mom’s car engine go flat and a man offered to give us a new battery but they were not trying to trick us they helped us and we left! We were very lucky

  6. Me finds letter in car: gasp
    Me: * throws away*
    Meanwhile at Hogwarts..
    Dumbledore: Seriously!? Your big chance…. Hogwarts….. havent you been reading any of the Harry Potter books!! You are a muggle.

  7. I would compromise saying I will contact my lawyer and say my half and if I’m found guilty I will pay you and for damages if I’m found not guilty you compensate me for my time and money and for and damages to my car

  8. BRIGHT SIDE : Comes up with a smart move to turning the tables on Car Scams.
    Me : Equips my vehicle with a dash cam


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