If You See These Signs Near Your Door, Call the Police!


10 security life hacks to protect your home against thieves. Here are the most common schemes burglars usually stick by. Burglars don’t care who you are, they …

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  1. I'mma used a marker to mark MY OWN house and pretended that my house is already Rob or dangerous target

  2. Talking about robbers in ur country what does ur robber called tell me! And tell me ur country
    I'm Malaysians
    Robber – pencuri

  3. I'm pretty sure that most burglars don't pick locks, but rather use a crowbar to break open the door.

  4. How do you know that these signs actually mean something??and btw we post our vacation pictures when we got back home so no need to worry about it!!

  5. 1 way to protect your home at all cost

    Get a shotgun. And learn how to use it WILL save you

  6. Imagine if a burglar is watching this btw a long time ago they stole a vacume from us and then they stole my mom's gucci bag!! =

  7. Dude quit clickbaiting, the "nothing worthwhile" symbol is literally the Slenderman symbol.

    Burglars prefer easy targets 0:48
    Burglars don't like difficulties 2:36
    Criminals look for vulnerable spots 3:02
    Burglars love empty houses 3:26
    Burglars survey the house before invading it 4:30
    Criminals hunt for small objects 6:15
    Criminals are social-media-savvy 7:24
    Criminals use your own stuff to get inside the house 8:29
    Burglars come up with different excuses to get in 9:32
    "Distraction" burglaries are on the rise 10:26