Are you looking for a way to stimulate your brain and kick boredom to the curb? If so, then these funny and tricky riddles are just what you need! This video is …




  1. for the "poison apple" she could have put poison on a side of the knife and then gave her the piece where the poison touched

  2. 2 :46 how was I supposed to know that and plus who puts whipped cream on there apple except that girl

  3. Guys I know that 1% of people will see this. And if you're seeing this and think that you cannot do the quizzes don't give up guys listen to your heart and trust yourself

  4. i thought the thing he brushed against was a ma holding a glass bottle, the man with the bottle continued to smash the bottle over the other guys head and then he died

  5. You can't tell who is the wife of the man with amnesia. One woman doesn't seem to be wearing a ring, but can still be the wife. The other woman is wearing a ring on her right hand which is not the hand that wedding rings are worn on. Therefore either one could be lying or both statements could be true.

  6. Hey there BrightSiders, how many riddles did you manage to solve? Let's see who's the smarty here!


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