Our world is full of many mysteries. According to scientists, age of our world is close to 5 billion years old. And according to scientists, the life of our world is 2 billion years. Human beings have been home to this world for 21 centuries. Nobody knows what kind of creatures have lived in our world in the past. Some research and archaeological discoveries can give us great clues. That’s how we found out dinosaurs existed. But were there other living things than dinosaurs?

People who lived in the old age are always said to be different from us. Yeah, the giant men of two meter are even surprising right now. But could it be more than that? Scientists are very curious about this. The longest known human being is the Sultan Köse from Mardin. He is 35 years old,according to the Guinness Book Of Records, is the living longest person on earth. Its length is 2.51 meters. It also has the largest hands of the earth with 27.5 cm and the largest feet with 36.5 cm. But, it is difficult to walk because it suffers from important difficulties. Most very tall people interpret it as a  disadvantage.

In the past, it has seen close lengths, but further is unknown. The giant human skeletons found in archaeological discoveries amazed scientists. To them, there were really huge people before us. Of the world which is now 5 billion years old, we can only see the 100-year period most. There could be more creatures in a four billions adventure. In 2015, Aramco, an oil company of American origin, discovered a huge human skeleton during oil exploration. The skeleton was thought to be a dinosaur first. As the excavation continued, It turned out to be human. The age of the skeleton is still not fully understood. But according to experts, 70 thousand or 1 million years can be. Saudi Arabia blockade the region and the result of archaeological research was kept secret. But photographs of the skeleton leaked to the media somehow. When these photographs are examined, it is seen that the length of the skeleton is 12 meter. According to some sources, this giant human skeleton lived hundreds of thousands of years ago and belongs to the people of Ad people mentioned in the Qur’an. Many Muslim country newspapers published pictures of the skeleton taken from the helicopter. According to them, the people of Ad are a group of Arabs who, just like the people of Noah, have been destroyed by the wrath of God.

In 1895, a giant fossil was found during research in Ireland. The giant photographed in front of a train is 3.70 meter in height, weighing 2050 kg. Find 6 fingers on the right foot is thought to be caused by the weight of the giant fossil being stoned. One of the important sources of to giant races is the Torah. When the children of God arrived at the human daughters and they gave birth to them,there were giants on earth. These old bullies were famous men. The length of the giant Goliath mentioned in the Torah was 2.70 meters. Besides goliathat, there is also mention of the Bashan King Og.

Todays world is not conducive to the life of giant people. In the age of dinazor, all animals were big. This is reason that gravity is less sourced. Scientists say there is no reason why there shouldn’t be giant people in before. Human evolution is still a matter of long and deep debate. The stages of Homo Sapiens as a species of Man have been tried to be shaped according to the fossil sources of Homoids. It is estimated that the first hominid, humanoid species, lived in the African savannah 2-3 million years ago. Compared to modern humans, he had a larger and protruding chest cage, a more curved brow, a stronger jaw and a slightly larger skull. The first people in the Bible, Jesus. It is stated that Adam and some prophets are very different from today’s people.

It is known that there are many important people in the past who live until the age of 1000. God created the Adam. In The Hadith, The length of Adam is said to be around 40 meters. Some thinkers, like Ibn Khaldun, believe that this is the length of his life in paradise. They have accepted that it has been returned to the ground with Eve when it is lowered to the ground according to the ground conditions. Big, cumbersome creatures so giants like humans are used to hearing in fairy tales, legends and mythologies, they are very strange that they are known by almost all societies in the world. They are often referred to as supernatural creatures that look like a gigantic human being but are more stupid than humans.

Rumor has it that Adam’s height was around 40 meters. It is clearly stated in the holy book, where Noah served as a proclamation for 950 years before the flood. On the island of Ceylon, there is a very famous mountain called Mount Adam. It is rumoured that the ancestor of mankind was the first to press here during his descent from heaven. A huge right foot trail is always seen at the top of the rock. The size of this sign is 5 meter 3 fingers long and 2 meter 5 fingers.In Islamic narrations, it must have been proportionate to the enormous size given to Adam. Because according to these rumors, Adam’s height was at that time, his head touching the sky and pressing the sea. There are giant graves in many places in Anatolia.

It is believed that a person named Yusha was built in a tomb on Yusha Hill in Istanbul. The tomb is 17 meters long and 4 meters wide. If it is opened and examined, it is very natural for a giant skeleton to come out of it. There are such big tombs in the Cappadocia region around Nevşehir,Kırşehir and Göreme. Also, the Titans, giants of mythology, should not be forgotten. The Empadokles, who lived in 440 B.C. spoke of the existence of Giants on the Sicilian island. In 14th century, the author Boccacio was talking about a 10 meter giant skeleton found in a cave in Sicily. 1577 found a skeleton with 6 meter in Switzerland. In the 1500’s, conqueror of Mexica Conqueror Cortes showed to the king of Spain the giant bones he brought from Mexico. Another explorer, the famous Magellan, met two giants in 1520, saying that his head came to his waist. In the age of discoveries, many famous traveller has mentioned from giants.

In the 1970s, a German scientist claimed that 35,000 years ago a giant human race existed, and that scientific evidence would prove it. In Greek, Scandinavia, Mayans and Incas, there is a common belief that the first race to be created was the race of giants. In the legendary Atlantis, it was the Giants who reached the peak of their physical beauty and strength towards the middle of their fourth sub races. The Tibetans wrote in their book that Atlantis built giant sculptures about 8 meter tall with the size of their own physics. This book is believed to have originated in the area beyond Himalayan. This important secret doctrine provides the formula of creation that has existed since the beginning. The millions of years of evolution of mankind also explains certain chapters. These sections mention the race of giants. The common feature of all these tales, legends and mythologies is the existence of giants. But at the end of all, Giants are killed or destroyed. So the world remains to people. Well, aside from all these legends and a little closer to our history, the famous Portuguese sailor Magellan said he saw the Giants on his journey to the Americas.

According to the writings of Pigafetta, in June 1520, the sailors in Argentina’s faced a giant. Antonio Pigafetta say he was so tall that we couldn’t reach his waist. His sounds was like a bull. English sailor Sir Francis Drake to says like Magellan in the same land the shortest giant was 3-3.5 meter. Today’s researchers, In an article published by Doctor Louis, he says that 350,000 years ago a giant human race existed and that he would show it to all by scientific means. There is no other creature on earth that is mentioned so widely by every society, even though it has not yet been scientifically proven. Considering the fact that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago in the land we are on, the possibility that the Giants could have lived is not so distant.

Let’s look to this video together. This video, taken in South Africa, shows giant footprints. The first footprints were discovered in 1912 near the city of Mpaluzi in South Africa. According to Michael, who released a video on YouTube in South Africa in 2012, the footprint could be 1.2 meters long, and 200 million years old. Another discovery was made by Jerry palentologist in 1987 in New Mexico. Looking at the video again, it really seems that this trail could belong to a giant human being. Studies on footprints on this mysterious rock in South Africa seem to continue.




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