1. If I had the physical strength I would say come live in my home and fight for nurse for him. Or someone in his position. But I can barely walk from doctors that dont care about anything but pay. Kind of like the politicians. I am recovering from massive embolectomy that doctors thought I was not worthy of. Yup they sent me home after forcing me to walk. I suffered days afraid to go to another hospital who also ignored me in hallway until ctscan made them move their asses. So I am not in a position to rescue anyone from inhumane treatment. But if the government paid for a nurse and decent care id give this man a room for free. And I am far from rich because of my health yet they complain about costs in government offices. What losers.

  2. Disabled people living at home no longer have access to support workers which puts more stress on the family members caring for them. (There should also be a family caregiver allowance)

  3. Our elderly will be in even more vulnerable position after this mess that should of never happen had the political party not thrown out tons of protective equipment without ordering replacement and listening to our@americsn military intelligence on China in January instead of UN globalist controlled WHO. The recession and devaluation of our money will leave our grandchildren's indebted like no other.


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