Lebanon’s army deployed on Monday after dozens of mask-wearing protesters blocked the main highway in Zouk, north of Beirut, in protest against the collapsing currency and…More




  1. This people are not hungry
    They must be lying BECAUSE
    most of them are really FAT overweight
    The car looks good and new

  2. This is what a country that had declared bankrupcy looks like. The government does not have enough money to pay their own wages. the only ones who have money are hizballah thugs.

  3. Once upon a time advanced intelligent Christian country. Peaceful religion invaded increased population took over some 20 years back, now it has become a hell

  4. "Coronavirus protest" as opposed to protesting the total implosion of the global economy through the lies, greed and incompetance of those that rule over us. Media complicity in covering-up the theft of the future from the ppl will be remembered. The mob will keep enough space on the lamposts for them too.

  5. I could see the French snappin first, scalding latte's as molodov cocktails, Stale Croissants turned into three man sling shot ammo. The Wine will flow, the heads will roll viva la Quebec~

  6. This is coming to Canada, We have our own marxist govt/ Canada is already a dictatorship, Look at the crazy laws our fake progressive set up. Cis Ceeerr Errrr Eyyaaa made up words for a special type…


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