Throwing the used lemons in trash rather than putting them in dishwasher may sound strange at first.

When you understand why the lemons need to be put in dishwasher, you probably will stop throwing them away.

We throw too much food in the trash.

According to the researches, people waste almost half of their meals.

In fact, we can do another things than throw them away.

For example, we can use lemons much more effectively instead of throwing them away after use.

Like vinegar and carbonate, lemon becomes a natural nonchemical tool that can be used in many different areas.

All you need is a used piece or slice of lemon. Even you will be surprised when what you see after placing the slice in the dishwasher and starting your machine.

Because of its low pH value and antibacterial properties, lemon juice can be used as a natural cleaning product. It doesn’t just make your dishes better washed it also makes those who are thrown into the machine smell better.

Isn’t it smart?

Although some people know this tip, some don’t.

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