1. Since the comments are NOT DISABLED – I encourage you all to keep pressing and asking questions. This is not acceptable. The handling of the situation. The 'investigate reporting'. To those who say now is not the time for questions- you are wrong. It is absolutely the time for questions, the authorities and the 'system' not only did not provide protection, but are now saying 'hindsight is 20/20???' What if we said that when we got pulled over or arrested for something minor…ok officer I've learned my lesson in the future I'll know how to act and behave – would they accept that? The answer is NO! So why should the public not hold the authorities AND governments accountable for an incident that cost 22 lives! My heart goes out to the families and loved ones in Nova Scotia.

  2. Now CBC has gone back to turning off comments. No surprise they can't handle anyone pointing out the truth that they refuse to do any honest investigative reporting.

  3. I don’t believe in violence, I have a hard time hurting a fly, but I would ve love bringing that sign down with a baseball bat for the community!! Prayers for you family Canadians!! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  4. Congratulations to the RCMP for acting so quickly in taking these signs down. Too bad they didn't act as quickly in getting an alert about the shooting out. And while we're covering this, maybe someone in the media could ask them about why the fire station was shot up and why it took 13 hours to stop him along some rural highways? 13 hours seems long enough to have roadblocks on every one of those roads. But good job on taking the giant teeth down.

  5. The military is taking care of our seniors while Turdeau hands blank cheques to the Mohawk natives of Quebec to compensate them financially for closing down there illegal casinos and cigarette kiosks during this pandemic 😳😳😳 Am I the only one getting this ? Keep paying half your pay cheques to these creeps you bunch of Saps lol

  6. The denture clinic should be torn down completely because he murdered many innocent people who had done nothing. I feel sorry for the family members, neighbors, and friends who went through this traumatic experience.

  7. The reporter explaining how the locals constantly see those signs makes me cringe now. I can imagine myself living there seeing those dentures and that smile for years taking the bus, driving by, or walking pass it. In the context of the gruesome event that happened, remembering those two signs is now a complete nightmare. That's creepy.


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