Don’t be fooled by their appearance! These lakes and seas, sometimes extremely hot water, sometimes wild living creatures are certainly a danger to human health. In this article, even if you could swim, we brought together places where you would never swim.

Hanakapiai Beach-Hawaii,USA
The impressive Napali coast of Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the Hawaiian island. But it’s also the most dangerous. Hanakapiai Beach in this region is not have good stories. This beach, which was one of the frequented places of surfers in the past, was declared ill-fated after several events. And not just surfers. Tourists coming to the region are also beginning to escape the serious dangers. Why? Studies indicate very severe downstream flows. Sometimes, if you don’t know how to swim well, you can find yourself in the open a few minutes after you go into the sea. And it’s not easy for you to come back. The worse scenario is that a giant wave is driving you out of sight, which is a vital risk that there is no other coast for 10 km.

Boiling Lake-Dominican Republic
The nickname of this lake in the Dominican Republic actually explains everything. “Boiling Lake “.¬† This lake in the National Park is certainly not one of the places to enter and enjoy. The measurements indicate a temperature of about 92 degrees, which is naturally a threat to all living things. The depth of the lake is unknown. Because no one comes near the lake to measure. It’s doing water-splashing¬† around this volcanic lake. So it’s a little hard.

Lake Karachay, Russia
Lake Karachay has a title that does not belong anywhere else in the world. But that’s not a very good title. “The dirtiest place in the world.” In the 1950s, a nearby nuclear waste disposal facility threw radioactive materials into this lake. And it sentenced the Lake Karachay to death forever. This secret, which was stored during the Soviet Union period, was revealed by the establishment of the Russian Federation with its nudity.The worst part is some accidents and disasters that have happened over the years. It also affected residents and caused 65% of the local population to develop radiation-induced cancer. Although the Lake Karachay has been filled with concrete and soil in recent years, its traces are estimated to be visible for about 50 years.

There’s a lot to say about this place. The beaches are above world standards. Sea creatures are very rich. But there are also details that make this place one of the most dangerous beaches in the world. Sharks,crocodiles,box jellyfish or blue octopus. They are all dangerous to human health and unfortunately they are abundant in these waters. The weird thing is jellyfish and octopus are even more dangerous than sharks. In case of minor contact, short-term paralysis and death are quite high.

Jacob’s Well-America
Located in the state of Texas, this place is one of the most dangerous diving spots in the world. Still, people continue to dive into the bottomless wells to get adrenaline in this place. At least eight people have died while jumping from this dangerous place.

Lake Natron-Tanzania
This lake in Africa attracted attention. He mummies the bodies of living things that died in or around the Natron Lake in Tanzania. This naturally occurring event allows living things to remain shaped in their life-long form. As a matter of fact, the living things that died either appear to be stoned in the way they died or appear to be partially rotting and almost similar to their last form before they died.




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