1. .”you were impressed how he handled the crises?”…sure, go ahead and line up for the 666 vaccine…f’n jellyfish, wake UP. Clearly not a clue on how incrememtalizm works

  2. This also makes no sense to me. I was just reading about reinfections. Meaning there are cases where people get the virus, then get over it and then catch it again. This can only happen if the covid is mutating. Thats why aids has never been cured because it keeps mutating. The only current possible saving solution is social distancing, and even more so if the covid is mutating. Strange stuff indeed. How could they not know the dangers of this.

  3. Canada is part of a global community that has resposibility to the people of the world. For New Brunswick to declare it is opening up, and knowingly to severely increase the risk of visitors is a signal to the baffoons in Georgia US and elsewhere to legislate utterly foolish and harmful policies. What Nova Scotia is doing may not be so bad if it is couched as a Natioal experiment in a local area supervised ad studied by the best minds throughout Canada.

  4. What are the chances the TV show "FBI most wanted" had a new episode where a dentist dressed up like a cop and goes on a shooting spree? How about the chances he has the same name?

  5. oh a 4 phase!? Where did they get that idea from?? Surely wasn't from Canadian federals because they haven't had time to announce such a thing due to figuring out which other avenue they can exploit to print more money for! So must've been from the Trump administration's 4 phase protocol of reopening. WHAAAAAT? a Liberal gov't taking and implementing Trump's guidelines????

  6. Domestic supplies of masks for everyone should available as part of economic restart. I want to buy Canadian made masks. Government procurement should encourage domestic manufacturing by offering long term contracts to supply hospitals, government services, LTC facilities, etc. In the short term, cottage industries and garment industry can offer cloth masks to civilians.

  7. I am so proud of Mr. Higgs. I live in Northern New Brunswick and I must say, over here, we are impressed by the way he and Dr. Russell handled the crisis. He is getting my vote at the next election.


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