A television channel in China claimed that Kim Jong Un, whose Japanese media claimed to be in vegetative state, was killed. On the other hand, according to the report in Reuters, a train thought to belong to Kim was viewed by satellites following the region this week in a rural resort.

The rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who has been spoken in social media for days, died, had come to light when he claimed that the Japanese media had entered vegetative state.

The Japanese claimed that Kim had entered vegetative state during a failed heart surgery.

Following the incredible claim of the Japanese, HKS TV in Hong Kong Autonomous Administration of China, this time, claimed that Kim died due to a heart problem.


According to the news in the British media, Kim was previously visited by Chinese doctors and made some recommendations for a minor heart problem.

The report also suggested that Kim was holding his chest and collapsed on the ground while visiting a rural part of the country.

It was claimed that Kim, who was taken to the hospital immediately after the incident, was operated and could not get out of the operation.

Japanese media claimed Kim was vegetative, while Hong Kong media claimed that the North Korean leader was dead.




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