Pet owners know clipping their dog’s nails can be a challenging task.

But a California woman found an innovative and humorous way to distract her furry friend while doing the much-needed manicure.

In a video that garnered more than 500,000 views on TikTok and was later shared on Twitter (where it gained more than 2.6 million views), Lindsey Shelton can be seen smearing a generous amount of peanut butter on her saran wrapped forehead as viewers are left wondering why.

“Need help clipping your dogs nails? I gotchu” Shelton captioned the video.

The woman’s dog, Schmidt, can then be seen licking the peanut butter off her forehead as Shelton patiently cuts his nails.

All without the dog flinching.

“What are you doing?” a man can be heard asking Shelton in the background before he laughs and calls her a “dork.”

Viewers were impressed with Shelton’s dog grooming strategy.

“Nominating this woman for a doctorate in dog training,” one chimed.

“So did not see that coming. That’s a high level of genius for sure,” another weighed in.

One impressed Twitter user had to try it on her dog as well. She also shared a video of the experience.

Thank you!!! I’ve bought three different tools and tried to bribe her with treats. This is the only thing that’s worked with her,” they wrote.

Chrystal chandelier close up. (Getty Images)


There’s pretty much a fetish for everything … including chandeliers.

Unfortunately, a British woman found out the hard way that her fixation on the light fitting is not considered a sexual orientation.

According to The Guardian, Leeds, England resident Amanda Liberty had been in a long-term relationship with a 92-year-old German chandelier she bought on eBay. She filed a legal complaint against the U.K. Sun newspaper, which she claimed mocked her love for her light fixture partner, Lumiere.

The woman said she identifies as “objectum sexual,” a person who is attracted to objects.

And she argued the newspaper’s article breached the regulator’s code of conduct which requires publishers to avoid prejudicial or pejorative references to an individual’s sexuality.

In court, the newspaper argued while it didn’t doubt Liberty’s attraction to Lumiere, it stated that since the woman had openly talked about her attraction towards light fixtures in the past, the Sun writer who supposedly mocked the woman was entitled to comment on it based on freedom of expression.

The court ruled in favour of the newspaper, stating the code of conduct protects individuals and their sexual orientation towards other humans and not objects.

Selection of raw meat on trays in a display cooler. (Getty Images)

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Cops in Visalia, Calif., didn’t have a challenge finding a group of alleged thieves after they left a “trail of meat” following the recent robbery of a market.

According to news outlet KMPH, Visalia police responded to a burglary call at the Jalisco Meat Market early Tuesday morning. Upon arrival, they reportedly caught and adult and a boy leaving the shop.

Thinking there were more suspects, cops followed a literal trail of meat to an apartment nearby where they found more people allegedly involved in the meat robbery. Upon executing a search warrant at the premises, authorities arrested six adults and five minors.

In total, 13 people were cuffed in relation to the alleged meat theft.

While searching the home, cops allegedly found some of the pilfered meat being cooked.

Arrested are Sawrwa Fierro, 36; Jorge Haro, 33; Jose Gonzalez, 27; Elija Galaz, 21; Samantha Carrillo, 19; Alejandro Garcia, 19; and David Ware, 18. Two 17-year-old girls and four 15-year-old boys were also detained.

The suspects were charged with burglary, burglary during a stat of an emergency/looting, providing false information to a police officer, resisting arrest and warrants.

Officers from the Stamford Police Department had a hard time capturing a pig recently. (Facebook)



This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy stayed home.

And this little piggy was on the lam from authorities.

On April 17, officers from the Stamford Police Department in Connecticut were led on an intense 45-minute chase by a pig that didn’t want to be caught.

Cops came on the scene after reports of a pig wandering through a neighbourhood.

The hilarious incident was captured on body-cam by one of the officers who responded. In the video, three officers chased the pig around a property and along the edge of a pond.

When the capture of the pig failed, the authorities had to improvise. As two officers gave chase, a third officer grabbed a nearby garbage can and tried to contain the fast-footed animal.

Of course, the container didn’t hold the pig for long. It escaped and ran underneath the legs of one of the officers.

Eventually, officers managed to trap the pig with the can.

“It took over 45 minutes of chasing the pig to finally catch him and get him under control. Oh yes, we are well aware of the plethora of jokes this incident brings to mind. No police officers or pigs were hurt during this incident,” Stamford Police wrote on Facebook.

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