1. not enough being done for long-term care. 95% of everything I say comes true I know who you are you don't know who I am .but I tell you right now do more please I do not wish to comment and make any issues but when politicians are not doing what they are supposed to do to your talking too much and having their committees it bothers me ,when people die get the people in their get the help they need I don't care what you got to do to do it but you do it and you do it soon.

  2. For all those wanting to get back to work and reopen the economy, i propose you go start your own town. I hereby call it, Coville 19. Enjoy. But when you get sick, don't leave and don't expect help to come for you!

  3. You are not our friend.

    Reopen construction and other businesses to stimulate the economy.

    Start testing for antibodies – research is showing that many have already had the virus and developed antibodies.

    We DO NOT NEED THE ARMY. We are not a police state.

  4. God bless Premier Ford, all the front line workers, medical staff,grocery store clerks, gas station attendants ,Premier Fords staff and many others. You are doing a great job.


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