1. 1000 militaries for seniors in long term care ? Why not 10000× Nurses/ Personal support workers or more health care workers instead? This doesn't make sense to me as a Certified Personal support worker.

  2. Doug ford lost my trust. Why is the military called in? they are trained to fight wars with guns, not take care of seniors. They should be calling in doctors, nurses, or anyone that is train for that field. keep all the seniors in their rooms, There is 4 beds to each room and you can keep them apart 8 ft and then let them eat in their rooms.

  3. is this what military personal signed up for? this is just an observation but i find that Ontario & Quebec rather than investing considerable money into long term care, they are just exploiting the military to cover for their mismanagement. Most of these guys in the military don't make much money. i think the starting salary is somewhere in the 30-40K so it kindda looks like pure exploitation rather then spending the money on care workers.

  4. Thank POS Trudeau for keeping your illegal crossing for illegal immigration to cross the border and do nothing. The RCMP help the illegal immigrants gain the system and then spread the virus. There spread the virus because they don’t understand social distancing and government puts them in hotels with other immigrants with no supervision. This why Quebec has a high rate of infection. Thank POS Trudeau.

  5. Is it not normal to think about things like that ! Enough staff and proper care for seniors ? Does a really bad situation like a serious virus before the politicians to understand what is common sense ? How bad does it have to get with everything anywhere before politicians open up their hearts and mind ? There is a lot of talking, a lot of explanations to cover up politicians bad choices.✌🏻❤️💜 I must be from another planet, because this is not normal to me.💜🧡

  6. Politicians of all stripes are expecting Canadians to put their lives on the line to help their fellow Canadians. The health of this nation has not been a priority for quite some time and now people are dying needlessly. The people we put in charge to protect us have failed miserably.

  7. Yeah but where are the military guys getting those masks. Nobody else can get them. All that's required to prevent infection is to wear the masks at all times other than where you know it's safe, which apparently is not in old folks homes. Being made of polypropylene you could reuse them by disinfecting them with 3% peroxide and keep using them, even though reuse is not recommended. They're too rare and costly to throw away after one use. So when will the mask supply crisis end anyway? It's getting ridiculous how long it's going on. Obviously people in nursing homes need some, because right now they have to lay in bed and watch the staff and military having nice new masks on while they're at the mercy of fate. It's actually cruel to mock them like that, like haha, we have masks but you can't have one because our lives matter more than yours. Wow, who knew Doug Ford and Francois Legault were so cruel to the elderly? Maybe old people should start an "old lives matter" movement.

  8. You can listen to this idiotic rabble, or you can understand that nursing staff is advised to counsel families to take  elderly off life support. Your government DOES NOT CARE about the elderly; the economy was shut down to seemingly protect these people? How is that working out on either side?!?   As per the CDC: The overall (American) burden of influenza for the 2017-2018 season was an estimated 45 million influenza illnesses, 21 million influenza-associated medical visits, 810,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 61,000 influenza-associated deaths.

  9. WHY is the still NO DIRECTIVE to wear PPE – GOWN – FACE MASK – GLOVES – SHOE COVERS, unless there are symptoms? A Health Ontario report states that nearly 50% of Covid-19 infected are asymptomatic – NO symptoms. So why are they not being directed to wear PPE?

  10. Where are the daughters and sons of these old people living there?
    Canadians abandon them..
    The sense of family is broken.
    Go pick up your parents and don’t be lazy..
    Same thing with children:
    People go to work and abandon children in schools.. they don’t really educate them.
    I hope this crisis make them change their poor poor poor sense of family.

  11. this is not
    statistically right, but long term care staff gets less pay then regular hospital staff.
    for examples, long term care personal support worker's starting wage is minimum, but hospital PSW's starting wage is like 18 to 20 dollars.
    registered practicum nurse in LTC, starts with above 20 to 24 dollars, RPN in hospitals start near 24 to 30 dollars an hour
    RN? samething happen. Even Direct of Care or Administrator or Program aids, or all other departments staff in LTC start with less then regular hospital staff. because of it, there was always staff shortage in LTCs overall. Everyone in health care sectors, wanted to work in hospitals, not in LTC due to wage issue, and many young nurses think that working in LTC isnt excited as hospitals. so when you see ages of healthcare workers in both LTC and hospital, you will easy to find more older staff in LTC then hospitals.

  12. Imagine that. Paying people a living wage. Egregious is absolutely the word. I am soooo tired with how complacent Canadians have become with under paying employees in any industry. And instead of waiting for an outbreak to test all staff and residents, test everyone now and then do so again if an outbreak occurs. Let's get a handle on every care home so we know where to.focus the attention.

  13. Ford government is partnering with high profile computer and software companies for education. Why not use Linux? It is free and open source. The taxpayers would instantly save millions and millions of dollars. That money could be freed up to help fight the virus. Please share this idea with as many as you can. Try a linux distro like Debian, Mint, Ubuntu etc.. Open source is the future. Why not start today.

  14. lets give everyone a top up if the nurses and docs deserve it then how about the people who make the products and why stop there what about the people that pull that raw material from the ground?

  15. We're headed in the exact same direction as they did in the Fall of '18. The first wave petered out, and people relaxed their guard and didn't distance themselves anymore , didn't take precautions and that's when the bodies started REALLY stacking when the second wave hit. If you look into it, they were doing very much the same thing we are now…no non essential businesses, masking up, whole industries closed….then they re-opened and BAM!! and that Virus wasn't made in a Wuhan Lab with SARS and HIV injected into Bats


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