‘Pink eye’ a new COVID-9 concern

Experts are getting a potentially worrisome new view on the novel coronavirus as a lingering eye ailment that can last for weeks.

A newly-published report from the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Italy found the virus persisted in the eyes of one 65-year-old woman for 21 days after she first developed symptoms. The Daily Mail added reports have emerged of people getting ‘pink eye’ with coronavirus across the globe, however, the number of patients affected by the symptom remains quite low.

Although the primary transfer of coronavirus remains person-to-person via droplets of saliva and mucus from coughing, sneezing and possibly talking and breathing, the new study adds weight to warnings to avoid touching your face and eyes.

In the United States, pink eye first became a coronavirus concern after a nurse at the Life Care Center home in Kirkland, Wash. – site of a devastating outbreak where more than 80 residents and 34 staff members became ill and 35 died – revealed that almost every COVID-19 patient she treated there had red eyes.

The nurse said that many of those patients showed no other signs of illness, but were eventually confirmed to have coronavirus. Red eyes are still not listed by the Centers For Disease Control as a symptom of coronavirus, but it’s a phenomenon that’s been noted by health authorities in many nations.

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