This recipe is spreading like wildfire on the internet, wait until you try it yourself!

Day after day, it can be hard to find inspiration to make something delicious for dinner, so it’s perfect to come across such a recipe from time to time.

Fish is becoming increasingly popular in Danish homes.

The opposite is true for pizza, which, although delicious, isn’t particularly healthy.

So what happens if you combine these two plates? Of course, you get an incredibly nutritious and delicious meal that is perfect for such a day!

You will need:
15g chopped dill
0.5 dl cream
1 pizza dough
120 grams of smoked salmon


1. Mix the Ricotta, dill and cream in a bowl. Mix all ingredients into a uniform mass.

2. Remove the Pizza dough and turn it on to baking paper. Spread the mass over the dough.

3. Now cut the salmon into pieces, then roll the dough together.

4. Take a knife forward and make a longitudinal cut. Cut the roll into two parts and lay them on top of each other to form a braid.

5. Once you’ve made a braid, roll it into a loop and press the ends together.

6. Put in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Then enjoy this delicacy – salmon pizza roll!

You can see clearer instructions in the video below, doesn’t it just look delicious?

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