If your car has a keyless start system, you don’t even need to take your key in your hand when you get in your car.

To be clear, with a keyless start system, your car recognizes you when you approach and unlocks the car.

Of course, every technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

In particular, car thieves try to turn the disadvantages of technology to their advantage.

Car thieves
In order to be protected from car thieves, you must first get to know the keyless start system provided by the technology in detail.

To put it briefly, the chip inside your key unlocks your vehicle by communicating with the code specific to your vehicle.

The chip inside your car also recognizes the chip in your key and makes sure it’s you, then activates and unlocks your car.

To take advantage of the keyless start system, you need to be 30 cm away from your car.

If you do not have a private garage and you park your vehicle in a location where thieves can pass, thieves can enter your vehicle by manipulating the radio signals.

According to reports from Vibilägare, a Swedish site, thieves are even conducting an unrelated survey on you to find out if your car has a keyless start system. If they learn to have this feature in your vehicle, they are engaged in the technical part of the job.

After getting in the vehicle, they no longer need the key. Until you realize the situation, they can move away from the scene and do whatever they want to your vehicle.

After stealing your car, they can also replace the custom code assigned to your car with the code they want.

How will you protect your vehicle?
A German company called ADAC tried the methods of Thieves to see the weaknesses of the keyless operating system and take precautions against it. 22 different model vehicles belonging to different companies were tried. As a result of the trials, all vehicles were easily stolen.

But they also noticed something good in the experiment. If you wrap your car key in aluminum foil, radio waves and electronic signals cannot communicate. In short, aluminum foil prevents thieves from stealing your car.

If you don’t believe the German company’s aluminum foil offer, try wrapping aluminum foil around your car key and getting into your car and see the result for yourself.

Your car had a keyless system, and you weren’t aware of the situation?





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