Police Recommend Wrapping Aluminium Foil In Your Car Key – You’ll Be Very Surprised To Learn Why


If your car has a keyless start system, you don’t even need to take your key in your hand when you get in your car.

To be clear, with a keyless start system, your car recognizes you when you approach and unlocks the car.

Of course, every technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

In particular, car thieves try to turn the disadvantages of technology to their advantage.

Car thieves
In order to be protected from car thieves, you must first get to know the keyless start system provided by the technology in detail.

To put it briefly, the chip inside your key unlocks your vehicle by communicating with the code specific to your vehicle.

The chip inside your car also recognizes the chip in your key and makes sure it’s you, then activates and unlocks your car.

To take advantage of the keyless start system, you need to be 30 cm away from your car.

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