1. It's NOT about testing. It's NOT about personnel. It's about PREVENTION and this comes in the form of a DIRECTIVE to wear PPE. They are NOT directed to wear a gown, face mask, shoe covers, gloves UNLESS there are symptoms. Nearly 50% of Covid-19 infected are asymptomatic – NO symptoms. PREVENTION. 10% of ALL Covid-19 infected in Canada are LTC home HealthCare workers. There is NO DIRECTIVE to wear PPE unless there are SYMPTOMS. What good does that do for Covid-19 infected people who are asymptomatic?

  2. The numbers in LTC facilities is ridiculously high. We waited SO long to help them, especially in private homes. Doug Ford, please focus your reporting on the results of the additional focus on these homes for our elderly. It's a nightmare to think that our elderly family members and friends are at a huge risk. I'm very hopeful that this will work. I believe in you.

  3. "War" "battle" I keep hearing those words said by world leaders…..did china start a bio warfare and this is their way of trying to hide it ? Seems fishy too me it's being called a war or a battle . Those are war terms

  4. Thanks to the Canadian army , thanks to The nurses . Thanks to the doctors . Thanks to the truckers , thanks to the grocery stores and employees. Thanks to everyone making a difference .


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