1. Before mother in law got sick.
    Cut nursing home inspections to ZERO, Cut teachers, have schools closed to force way, cut doctors and nurses, revamp all Ontario healthcare organizations ( rob them)
    After mother in law gets sick.
    I'm human too.
    Good to see the human inside the bully. Finally.

  2. Died, WITH Covid 19
    Is being called: Died, FROM Covid 19

    Seniors are dying by the 1,000's
    But the weak sick emaciated heroin addicts NOT dying by the 100's ?

  3. I was not a fan of his before his but throughout he has made me very proud. By no means is anything "his" fault. That was a mean thing to do to any person…we all have to stand together and be stronger then blame right now.

  4. I am not a fan of Ford. However, this is not his fault. The system was a mess long before he took office. No government can fix this problem overnight. Years of neglect is the problem.


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