1. Thank you for not opening Ontario…our healthcare cannot support sick ppl…it's good the numbers are getting less because the testing is still low. We have to stay home to be safe. Pls we don't need to rush this.

  2. These people know very effortlessly how to keep stopping us, have you all not figured that out yet? They must be conquered
    The truth is under attack and has not been protected or defended. They will continue and when you stand up and say no more they will attack and go in for the kill even harder on you and anything that resembles the truth and destroy you and it from the mind. You don't have to even trust me on that, I know, and you'll find out if you don't.
    spiritual warfare

  3. I'm so grateful to have a government that bases its decisions on scientific reasoning and not on wishful thinking. Keep up the good work, Mr. Ford!

  4. Fake plandemic, hysterical media, lying government and a gullible stupid population equals the totalitarian state that we are living in now.

  5. Just go underground and give me a haircut and keep your tax free money away from the paranoid germanazis morons for as long as they want to play chicken.Problem solved.

  6. C'mon Doug. Sh*t or get off the pot. Quit pumping promises up our butts only to hear you recanting them a hour later. I wanna be working. Spring is here. At least get some building permits out there for small businesses. We are a .2 percent risk on the covidiot scale. Government on ALL levels are not helping the small business sole proprietor owner as they have said.


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