1. We are a country which has lost its way. We are a country whose citizens and their political representatives have seemingly abandoned the principles upon which this once great nation was founded. Furthermore, I cannot ignore the fact that things like this began happening in Canada ONLY after the Globalist-infused Liberals got back in.

  2. Justie โ€œAladdinโ€ the communist clown with his breathless, whisper talking like Marilyn Monroe is a disgrace. The fake feminist has no credibility.

  3. His wife got the highly infectious Covid 19
    He, living in the same modest house, did not ?
    Is he simply playing his part in the NWO psy op ?
    Boyars have a video of him doing something criminal ?
    When he was a young Elite student …drunk …masked + lustful ?

    Allow a man to attain
    Power as a Leader in a government
    Only if they have a secret with which to control him

    See how he
    Protected the Elite
    Criminals of SNC Lavalin ?

    Boyars also control Trump
    Trump just gave to the Boyars
    America's sovereignty …with his
    New NAFTA Deal …dumb Trumpers
    Never noticed that Trump gave America to the Boyars

    Do not censor this comment

    You would only help the Evil Elite
    To continue to Lie to We the People


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