1. Politicians like Doug Ford, Justin Trudeau and Dr.Tam who are CONSTANTLY ON TV with their SUITS and TIE HAVE NO CLUE WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON IN OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

  2. System here in Canada is ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY. People has to DIE FIRST before they will say we will add more staffing, we will increase the benefits, we will deploy special medical teams, etc. In our clinic we are always exposed to abusive and violent patients who verbally abuse us, harass us, threaten us and we have NO SECURITY in our place.
    We have been requesting for years but to no avail. I guess a staff has to die first before they will say we will give your clinic security guards.

  3. Too little, too late!
    COVID has one benefit; it's showing us our shortcomings and how badly the Federal and Provincial Ministers of Health have been treating seniors for years. No wonder the flu takes out hundreds of seniors every year. I don't consider these Ministers of Health to be our heroes in this as the news implies; rather, now that they're in the forefront, they've got some explaining to do! They charge thousands per month for a bed in a Canadian Senior Care facility, and it's now obvious that their quality of care is disgusting and unacceptable. So; who's reaping the profits? It most certainly isn't being spent on quality care! The moment this pandemic is over, Canadians should be demanding a full independent investigation into ALL of these facilities, including opening up the books for a forensic accounting investigation open for viewing. And for those who have lost loved ones, it's not just the Care homes that should be sued; but, our illustrious Minister's of Health and government officials should be named in those suits as well! This is appalling and Canadians need to demand some serious answer…it won't be long until you too are one of these victims folks, do you want to be treated like the Canadian government thinks is acceptable now?

  4. to become a politician you need to be the below.

    1: no common sense
    2: no feeling/caring
    3: no judgment
    4: no intelligence
    4: slow thinker/doer
    if you have the above skills, please apply now

  5. Nurses work in LTC then go to hospitals and pass the virus on to staff. My friends daughter is right now in a hotel in Windsor because a worker from LTC infected staff. This lady is 40 years old has two young children. Never spent Easter with them. This happens because people who give care are all part time and need two jobs to make ends meet. Please WAKE up our Health system is in trouble. My daughter is on dialysis and all her nurses are part time……..where else are they working.?

  6. Nobody is talking about home care and safety of PSW’s going into homes with family members coming and going. In our work environment, there is no way we know who is coming and going in and out of these homes, hospital and long term care facilities at least have protocol of who is entering,, they have cleaning staff, supervisors and Nurses on hand. We go in a home and do not know what conditions we are going into. If we have issues, make the call to Supervisor, then wait, who by the way most of-our office staff are at home while while we are out in uncharted territory, God help us

  7. Still sending PSW’s into the community homes with minimum PPE, asking us to reuse our PPE. We should only be in these houses for palliative clients, not companionship, exercise., housework etc. family’s have to go with contingency plans in patients care plan, and that is family responsible for their loved ones care during these trying times .80% of PSW’s in community have 2 jobs, contracts limited, the rest work casual. Maybe we should be paid equal to Nursing home staff, $5-$7 less, oh and we use our own cars. There is a shortage of PSW’s in the community due to lack of even part time work, as a casual PSW, you could get 3 hrs per day, and that may not even be every day.Wake up People, these vulnerable people are your Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, cousins, and one day you. You would not staff a facility of 200 children with 25 per unit, with 3 staff per unit, when staff are available, to dress, feed bath, a deal with behaviour issues , there would be be an outcry of the conditions .

  8. My wife works in a ltch and this has been going on already for 2-3 weeks. Management was asking them to choose which one they were going to work at, can't work at more than one. This is a problem for the workers because they only get hired for part time, so they take 2 part time jobs. Now they can only have 1 part time job. Many will quit and seek 1 full time job in another sector out of necessity.

  9. Why is our Capitalist Democracy unable to provide a proper living wage for its citizens without them having to work two or three jobs? All the waste, all the top-heavy leadership in both Government and Business, all the greed. We need to start developing stronger policies on how we spend, tax, and generate revenue on behalf of our Country and its citizens. Human cooperation has taken a back seat to individual wealth potential for far too long.

  10. Ban workers from care homes so more seniors die…and they can blame this on the fake flu. Theyre just gonna keep taking and taking until people wake up here.

  11. Finally!
    Everybody who works at the hospitals, and long term care workers, need to be paid higher and need to work in only one place.
    You have to double their pay rate.

  12. To be honest it would be better if these people just be able to be able to have the right to die with dignity their lives are never going to be anything than it is now why waist it on people that will only get worse they are a drain on society just like people with severe disabilities severe autism severe downsydrome severe fetal alchohol disorder people stuck in wheelchairs to the point that they cant bathe feed dress themselves drooling they never will be anything than that a drain adults with the mentality of a 123456789 10 11 12 year old playing with barbies watching movies that are of kids that age playing with trucks cars meant for children of that age they cant get better never will be anything just like people living with bi polar disorder and schizophrenics that perposly go off of their meds harm people do distructive things to society need to be locked up because they are violent they are the danger to society not people with ptsd and borderline personality disorders that can get better and do when given a chance to just like foster kids regular kids in loving homes do than the homeless than addicts do get better with time than of course front line workers and service industries grocery clerks working people like mothers fathers healthy families these people contribute to society teachers doctors police paramefics fire men and women construction workers lawers cor officers even youth and adult inmates can be taught something and contribute kids get summer jobs being newspaper jobs baby sitters they contribute to society pedophiles need to die they wont be cured by the way bring back the death penalty please even prostitutes help society my point is we cant waist money time housing resources on adults that wont be of any use they are a drain on society lock up the derranged special needs children can learn things if given love and support and not over indulged we cant give up on them and we need to stop giving checks to over weight men and women who eat eat eat so bad they have moter schooters and wheel chairs make them live healthy if not let them starve or die they are a drain aswell just like their families enablers who make excuses and pass your problems for the govornment to take of your hands when its your problem in the first place you people take advantage of a system that was broken now gone and people born into abuse poverty got nothing no love no support because you took it all day proggramms the works foster kids homeless people got nothing left to freeze and die and than they end up in prison dead youth corrections while your drains to society off spring take it all you all do lgtbq kids adults get no help neither why your churches preech hate bullying ignorance intolerence us survivors of family abuse than systematic get no justice left to die or get their ourselves this is what needs to happen canada wake up its so clear this is whats wrong with canada right here no changes ever the same since 1900s laws justice system and people doing nothing to fight it or change it complain but do nothing to change your view points dont want to ignorance is bliss not my circle not my problem its govornments and society its the cold attitudes of people here sorry to say this but its true to what ive seen 32 years im affraid

  13. Never mind this Doug what you should do is watch the full time who Do not wash their hands Hate the residents but boy do they love their union who let them get by with all kinds of neglect and abuse. …of course blame the part time that have to work many jobs that are NOT ALMIGHTY with no support from a union it’s time to take a good look who really is causing mayhem and abuse My bet the money mongers from Participation House who walked out are protected by their union Those Primadonnas don’t like their job they left these people and organization There should be a way to fire them I worked years watching the entitled full time employees treat the residents horribly not changing gloves from resident to resident Do not blame the part time people who have several times more concern with proper universal safety and compassion for the vulnerable

  14. Do they have enough staff working at these facilities in order to accommodate this change? Because if not this will be the dumbest move on their part. This will lead to more neglect and stress in the workplace.

  15. But then right after the emergency is over back to part time minimum wage where workers have to have more than one job to survive. The owners of the long term care facility will go back to raising prices without any change in the way they operate and may even get worse for both residents and workers. Heck owners don’t care while they self quarantine in their yachts. 😉

  16. Why is it more than one care home and not just more than one job in general. I live in Vancouver and work as a janitor at one of the big universities here. I have on call co-workers that work second jobs in care homes, as well as janitors at Vancouver General Hospital. I would assume a lot of the care worker in Ontario, have second jobs outside the care homes too.

  17. Doug Fraud, you will always be a fraud. It took a virus and enough life's for you to be aware of the situation. You will never get re-elected neither, so knock it off you (F.R.A.U.D).👈👀

  18. jeeez, that was one of the first things they did in BC. And nursing homes still account for the majority of our cases and fatalities. I've been impressed by Ford through this but he dropped the ball on not implementing this right away.

  19. That's what is doing in Alberta right now. These nursing home staff, having to work at multiple homes part time, to make a living wage! Then they got sick and started doing the rounds in these homes, spreading the disease. Make no mistake, these seniors died because someone was trying to save money. These seniors have been hiding in their rooms for months, trying to save their lives!


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