1. I agree that gradual "herd immunity" should be the goal. But I am surprised that Legault talks about this at the same time he talks about opening the schools. Schools should be among the last places to open. Because children going back to school and sitting in classrooms with 30 other kids won't be a gradual way of doing it.
    Should start with stores and restaurants first. That would allow for more gradual new infections. Children are often asymptomatic so will more likely spread the virus quickly to their parents and grandparents. With that logic why not open bars, and movie theaters first? At least people don't frequent those places every day.

  2. the premier is unfortunately, an idiot. there is no immunity to cv-19- it is like sending children into a burning school and saying they will be safe because flesh doesnt burn.

  3. Remember, they pick herd immunity over containment without knowing if it can mutate and be caught again, the high death rate among at risk and elders, or the long term health effects.

  4. Absolutely open the schools. I'd like to hear one case of a healthy person under 18 dying of this virus! Most people recover just fine. People develop a herd immunity anyway!


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