1. I happened to have someone I know from that area who's neighbors told this guy to f off because they were on his property as a ramp officer and being armed as a civilian saved their lives. Why is none of this ever reported. Go figure. Could have been way more deaths.

  2. When the shooter arrived at the party in a police officer’s uniform, someone with the knowledge, skills, ability and motivation administered to him a behaviour modifying drug that he unwittingly consumed, so that they might be entertained by the resulting spectacle. Twenty people died. The bodies of two persons at the party have not been recovered and are presumed dead. But are they? Or, have they fled? An autopsy should reveal what drugs are in the shooter’s system.

  3. We have Amber alerts that wake up half the nation for a child that usually ends up being found and unharmed, but we cant send out an alert for a psycho trying to murder half the province.?
    I endorse amber alerts but i think we now need an emergency alert for active gunmen.

  4. DID THE SHOOTER HAVE FRIENDS IN THE RCMP. Why wasnt a text sent out to the PEOPLE… Could the shooter be taken alive .Did the shooter fire a shot before he was taken out …. What else is not being said?????? FIREHALL. AND

  5. Apparently the RCMP knew months ago that this person had prepared a vehicle to look like an RCMP cruiser, and warned him to 'leave it on a trailer or face charges'. Why was he not charged at that time for impersonating a policeman, a very serious charge anywhere in the world? Police uniforms also should be banned from sale on the internet, for what purpose could such actions be permitted? Hopefully the RCMP will make some sadly overdue changes, their reputation has been badly tarnished by this and other events in the last few years.


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