1. If it started with the girlfriend and she escaped into the woods. Was she in the woods all night, because it said she talked to police in the morning ?

  2. I live in Northern Nova Scotia on the north shore (20km from Wentworth) there would have been fewer deaths if the emergency alert had been used .. This was well planed , he didn't light these homes on fire he had fire bombs made … I want to know where he was between 1:00am and 6:00am .. And at the Onslow Fire dept what happened is the RCMP was setting up a comfort center and called in an RCMP officer from Pictou County who met with an EMO officer at the fire dept .. An unmarked RCMP car was speeding past 2 officers inside they saw the Pictou RCMP car stopped and opened fire at it .. The Pictou RCMP officer was still in the car and the EMO officer was standing beside it talking , and had to drop to the pavement when the shooting started VERY lucky no one was shot .. Then the 2 jumped back into the unmarked car and drove off .. My wife knows the EMO officer …

  3. Terrible events. These poor people at the hands of a mad man. RCMP? Delayed response…Maybe Canadians should have the right and chance to defend themselves..I see the pics of the family of three. There is no doubt that the father would had gave every last breathe of strength to defend his family. The fact is at receiving end of a barrel you have minimal chance. RCMP failed these civilians clearly. Now let us have the rights to defend our family. Condolences to victims

  4. More like planet x debris field from comet atlas mini asteroids rained down. Trust it in Africa Nigeria a huge piece hit. He couldn't go that fast all over. Fishy. Long guns? Really traced yo USA??? Agenda 21

  5. Seriously, this needs to be a wake up call, twitter gets reported on like it's news, the people on twitter get treated like they are the only people in the world, the company itself would like to portray itself as a utility, as if it is as relevant as a phone service or a t.v. service, yet even though 87% of Americans know about twitter, only 7% of Americans use it, I can only guess that the numbers for Canada are even fewer, and yet this was the only avenue of communication between the R.C.M.P. and Canadian citizens. The R.C.M.P. are not to blame, mainstream media is, we need to realize that twitter, although it is perceived as being all-pervasive, only represents the views and ideals of entitled, privileged college kids and the people who kinda wish they belonged to that group. The emphasis and reliance on twitter by mainstream media needs to end.

  6. Where did this evil maniac buy his guns and from whom….who paiinted his vehicles and did they know that he was not rcmp..also who sold him the ramp uniform …shouldn't all these people be found and investigated, were they knowing accomplices.

  7. What are the chances the TV show "FBI most wanted" had a new episode where a dentist dressed up like a cop and goes on a shooting spree? How about the chances he has the same name?

  8. I just saw CBC is reporting a 7 hour gap??? He was hiding in the Glenhome loop or off any of the many driveways to clearings off the Wentworth highway. Drove that way yesterday and no one was clearing those driveways and the small clearings.. would be a decent scope task. No request has come out for volunteers to clear ditches along his route… lots of swamps and ponds too. They only caught him by total FLUKE at the enfield irving… they had no clue where he was the whole time and let him travel our roads freely… unbelievable. Twitter is not suitable for alerts, nor is it an alert. Of those that have Twitter, they would have to follow RCMP (why?)… they'd also have to check their Twitter messages lmao. It's very premise relies on third parties to spread the tweet… basically facebook twits and media who may check their twitter from time to time. A cell phone alert would be proper and alert everyone in a timely manner… vs. relying on the maybe handful of people who would read a tweet within three minutes and then rely on social media and standard media who actually look at twitter to spread the word and then have those facebook posts seen by reciepients of the message… then physically call others, etc… so unacceptable to use twitter to notify the public because it doesn't… it's too late by the time any message to stay inside is finally passed on and received. The rcmp put the safety of their own (or risk of safety, as seen in Onslow) over the public, plain and simple. The loss of public lives was justified in their multiple "conversations" causing the delay per their press releases. All they had to do was send out a simple warning using technology they had available and ensure their officers were paired (at least) up.

  9. Team Blue will get to the bottom of it! I'm guessing the one FIREARM registered in Canada, was the PISTOL the Shooter procured from a Fallen RCMP Officer…. Just a wild guess tho

  10. The elephant in the room is why didn't any of his acquaintances alert authorities to his weird obsession with police cars??? Did nobody think that was strange. Disturbing?? Or is this just common behavior in Canada? Nobody smelled a rat?

  11. If we had te right to bare arms this guy would not of caused all this destruction. I dont know why the RCMP didn't send a amber alert to all cell phone. They did a bad job at doing their job shame on the RCMP they were useless in this scenario.

  12. The guy has 4 replica RCMP squad cars, no one found this suspicious! Was he a prop renter for movie sets. Why when they new he was driving around in a squad car and dressed as an RCMP officer, did it take three hours for the police to report this to the public. Did they think perhaps it was one of theirs and they wanted to bring him in quietly. Now they seem to be delaying , till they get all their stories straight.

  13. I’m beginning to notice that the CBC often has what they must think is appropriate music in the background of more and more newscasts (newscasts in particular or is a feature of other CBC content?) (I had only really been aware of it on CBC radio 1 in Saskatchewan and had complained about it years ago which achieved nothing. But here it is again. Part of what makes ‘news’ so alienating to so many imo.)
    This is painful enough to watch, listen to, follow, care about (as in the pain of caring about wave after wave of extreme suffering in the world, which I appreciate having the opportunity to know about!) without the blatant hype of the background music making it even harder!


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