1. Dear God. Aladdin didn't answer any questions and does not raise confidence that the federal government even has a loose handle on anything that might come down the road. The Liberal response seems to be spend canadian's tax dollars like it grows on a magic trust fund tree.

  2. Without mandatory mask policy for certain public or business place, this reopening will be destined to fail. This have been proved again and again in other country. Sad to see many life and wealth will be lost again.

  3. Gratitude in abundance,…. to reporter/host Vassy, asking some tough questions and insisting on real answers! Please continue this necessary critical work. Transparency & accountability.

  4. Sask Premier, finally, some logical discussion. Reasonable phasing plan to open up. Look at their numbers, likely a fraction of a their typical seasonal Flu numbers. Also, inspired by many of the comments below, frank discussion that desperately needs to happen. PM needs to be challenged when he says, "things won't get back to normal until we find a vaccine", seriously???? Think at risk populations, versus the other 85% of our population. Put/leave measures in place to protect them, and let the rest get back to work and life. Keep seeking out the true facts, accurate and real data.

  5. It's not costing Canadian's money……'s only costing the "average" Canadian's money!!
    If you're a banker or government worker, you are reaping in huge raises during this crisis!!
    As well, anybody closely related in business to the government and banks are reaping huge rewards during this time!
    The government has created trillions out of thin air, then lend it us, for us to pay back not just in principle, but in interest as well!!
    The banks are now charging us interest upon interest on our mortgage deferrals!
    As well, they will now be snapping up real estate for pennies on the dollar, with all the foreclosures that are sure to take place in record volumes soon.

  6. This is getting ridiculous. Start opening up the economy. I dont want a debt my children have to pay off. I pray we follow this Premiere . Hes a brave, smart, open minded leader. Hes got my vote. Stop crying Doug and follow the leaders.

  7. I was like livid the whole time.. these people DO NOT answer her questions lol.. they hear her question and use it as a podium to push their agenda forward..smfh, she is asking questions Canadians WANT to know the answers to, we dont want to watch some asshat tip toe around a question to not offend China

  8. Sounds like the minister is getting a pay check… must be nice living on the tax payers dime while telling them they can starve, lose their houses and generally suffer.

    So compassionate of these liberal dictators. They will make china proud.

  9. Vassy has the best "are you kidding me with that answer" face. Obviously, this is a unprofessional suggestion but wouldn't it be great if we got a behind the scenes segment where the anchors were hot mic'ed and gave their opinions on interviews and segments in a casual setting. I bet Vassy verbally destroys the politicians after the cameras are shut off.

  10. Why do we always have to copy the US no mass testing yet we are opening restrictions. Not saying its the provinces to blame its more to do with the federal government for their incompitence but still. ???

  11. What do you mean by “Defective”, was it perhaps that the masks were not labeled in Canada’s official languages ?

    Research your details people, details – before you go pressing politicians for answers, you know you’re not going to get a straight one from politicians anyway and that just leaves the public even more frustrated with both the media and the politicians 😞


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